Friday, May 28, 2010

Backs .. crafting ...and blogging ....dont mix

I have to apologise for not commenting on every ones blogs this week .... I started with high hopes but after about 10 the aches began ....I then took some pain killers and managed to pop by a few on and off during Wednesday and Thursday ... leaving comments on about 20 more ...I just don't want to risk it getting worse. Today I had a play with my project and it is turning out ...well ...sort of different from what I imagined in my mind lol. I am praying that the bits I had to remove will go back in place ...otherwise I'm in a fix ...or it will have to change yet again ... I so hope I get it finished.
Week 52 is important to me as our little band of friends who gathered together in week 1, never imagined how large they would grow in a year. During that year I have made cyber /blog friends ..sharing their highs and lows and having a good nose around their crafting world .... and I have learnt such a lot from everyone ...thanks JD for being the Captain of the WOYWW ship.

As promised I am going to bore you with a few more 'Nana' photos



Ben getting ready to audition for Joseph

Meeting the Gruffalo's

Say cheese

Brotherly Love ?????

Father and Son ...ahhhh

All Tuckered Out
As you can see it was Ben who was the one who I managed to get the most shots of this time, as he stood still longer lol but I took many more

I said I would tell you what Steve and Emma used my little gift to them for,well it was for a private scan as the hospital that they attend will not tell anyone the sex of the baby. As they hope to move just before or just after the birth they are packing away everything they can now and putting it in the loft. Rightly Emma said what was the point in packing all the outgrown clothes of the boys if they were having a girl ...and they
intend this to be their last. Today is the day that they had the scan and now they know it is to be another boy. I know in many ways they would have loved a girl but there are a lot of advantages to having another boy and both parents are very happy about No 3 being a boy ... as am I ... I love grandsons.

Just thought I would add some shots from the train ... on the way home. During the last half of the journey ...after we cross the Firth of Forth ...the train follows the beautiful coast line of The Kingdom of Fife

See how close the tracks are to the beach

Sorry the train shots a alittle blurred but it was moving at a fair speed.
Hope I haven't bored you too much

Take Care xx


kayc said...

Loved looking at all your photos! Kathleen x

Wipso said...

Not bored at all. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them. What lovely boys they are. No grandsons for us as yet but we get soooooo much pleasure out of our gorgeous little granddaughters. Phoebe is now nearly 19 months and little Louise is just 7 weeks and they are in Cyprus on holidays :-)
A x

Ann said...

Lovely photos are never boring. Beautiful grandchildren you have there.
Scotland looks such a lovely place to live but I would hate the cold in winter! I hope your back gets better soon.

Glen said...

Awww...what lovely photos Angie. I LOVE to see the little ones playing together.
I have nominated you for a 'Beautiful Blogger' award. *Ü* Visit my blog to claim it. ~Glen~

Arkansas Patti said...

"Brotherly love" really had me laughing.
Those boys are darling and since they did so well with the two boys, why not one more?

Peter said...

Hello Angie, Sorry that you have had such a rough time with your back. Blogging with the help of pain killers doesn't seem much fun at all, and I hope that you are able to find improvement soon. The photos are lovely, both the ones of the little people, and the views out over the Firth of Forth. I love views of the sea, and of boats, especially working boats.
Now, maths was never something that I did well at, but... Week 52 makes it a year, I would think (consults abacus with desperate, fevered look on face!). Well, if I am right.... than it's time for a cake with one candle to celebrate your first blogging anniversary! And if I have got my sums wrong, enjoy some cake anyway!
Congratulations! Love, and best wishes from your NZ blogging friends, P, L, Ginger the Cat, and ?? the Kitten xxxx

Sherry Goodloe said...

Thanks for sharing all of your family photos of the boys. That just put a big smile on my face. I especially liked the "auditioning for Joseph" shot! LOL

I hope you are having a wonderful day today Angie.

Sherry Goodloe said...

And btw . . . I know all about back pain, so I can literally "feel your pain" urrrrrr

Darcy said...

awww beautiful boys angie, and yay to another on the way. I love the 'say cheese' photo best lol

yes we do love eurovision in this house, we always have scorecards, used to make our own long before the internet came along, now of course we can just print one off lol

I really wanted turkey or Romania to win, but i thought belgium was really good too. I didn't really like the one that won and the English one was just dreadful lol

can't wait for next year...

Hope you feel better soon and you can finish your WOYWW52 project, mine is on the go but I have had break from it today as my bck is bd too.

Emilie said...

Hope your back is getting better! Your two little angels are soooo cute!

Carmen said...

Loved the photos Angie - I really miss Scotland - hoping to get back up there next year.

Hope your back gets better soon :(