Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amazing what you find in long lost boxes.

I have been going through a couple of boxes that came down from the loft ....much of my late Mums bits that came up here with me. Before they go back ...probably not to be opened again for quite a while... I needed to check the contents. It took me so long to do the job which would take others barely an hour, as I had to read every letter and check every book ...thats me I'm afraid but Idid find some treasures. Most important to me was a photo ...badly torn but scanable .... and on the back it said 'Sandy 1895'. This is Alexander Ritchie ...the little boy standing in the FH LO '1875' ... all grown up. I will get a copy soon and do a LO but I just wanted to share my discovery.

Alexander 1869-1914

I also found one of me ...late 1980's ....a slimer form hidden under baggy clothes ...on the Norfolk Broads ....please dont laugh.
Take Care xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, I didn't laugh, honest :) That's how we dressed back then and your photo actually brought back some happy memories of a holiday on the broads taken when my daughter was just 13/14. The old photo was a happy find. I notice that the photo of Alexander was taken in Edinburgh, I wonder if he was living/working there at the time or just visiting. I'm looking forward to seeing the scrap page you make with it. Elizabeth x

Julia Dunnit said...

I didn't laugh either - it's a nice thing to see a pic of you! My mouth did drop open at your pic of Sandy though - what a great find! And you aren't alone...I can't even open my current scrapbbok album to put in a newly made LO without having to go through it all agaiN!!

Artyjen said...

It's the memories that count in life! Would do the same and read the lot LOL
xoxo Sioux

Arkansas Patti said...

Hay, I'm not laughing. You look sporty and comfortable.
Aren't you glad you didn't through that photo away. That would have been my luck.

JoZart said...

Fabulous family photos old and not so old! Handsome SaZarty x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

How wonderful Angie, we don't have any family photos that old, more's the pity. Certainly won't laugh at the younger you. We were on hols on the Norfolk Broads the year Virginia Wade won Wimbledon :-)
Anne xx

Jocelyn said...

Oh ANGIE...I love that pic of you...it is awesome....What a wonderful photo to find!!!

Treasures are the best!!! You are certainly a treasure of a friend!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with smiles!!! :-)

Rosebark said...

No laughing here either. I went to the Norfolk Broads a few years earlier than that with Brian - and nearly squashed a duck!

I think the one of Alexander Ritchie looks a bit like you - or is that the other way round?! And I would have to have gone through everything too, especially if the box is going back into the loft for who knows how long!

oneoff said...

I remember the 80s vividly, and that photo is nothing to worry about. Sadly I also remember the advent of punk, and if I ever find those photos, I shall probably be scarlet with shame! Your Alexander looks a friendly and happy soul - what a lovely discovery.


Carmen said...

No laughing here either - I've many a baggy tee pic of me :D

What a find, can't wait to see what you do with that piccy. I'm the same, can't just put stuff away, have to go over and read everything :)

SueH said...

What a wonderful find Angie, I look forward to seeing your LO when it's finished.