Sunday, March 06, 2011


Oh I have been so rough ….I barely left my bed on Thursday … and Friday was a repeat performance. As my computer is next to the bed I did manage to pop onto a few blogs to leave WOYWW comments …about 10 mins at a time and I was floored.

I still have a sore throat and my chest is now bubbly… is a cough next?? … but at least I am no longer confined to food that slips down easy. I am however feeling a bit down over the fact that I am due to visit the GS’s and do not want to take over any bugs but it seems to be the story of our arranged visits … one or either comes down with something …fingers crossed for Wednesday..

Well you can imagine I was at a low ebb by yesterday, when I heard a packet plop on to the hall floor …sorry no mat …cats killed the last two. I opened it slowly as with reduced energy, the package was stronger than I and there inside was my very wonderful and useful prize from Wipso and Twiglet …their new Craft Apron … or as I like to call it …. ‘My Life Saver’ alternative use to crafting

Here it is being set up with the bits I can never find as I just seem to put them down and they vanish ….no Madison is not one of them …she thought it was for her. So far I have chosen… pens and a note pad. … mobile and house phones and a purse with the window cleaner change in it …the rest will be filled later …maybe my list of things to do might be a good idea .

....and thats Mika hidding under the table.

Again …..THANK YOU LADIES …it made my day.

Take Care everyone xx


Wipso said...

Glad you are enjoying filling your pockets Angie. Really hope you are feeling much better very soon.
Big hugs,
A x

Twiglet said...

Aw bless you - hope you are soon on the mend. Glad my little apron has found a good home!! All the best x Jo

Jocelyn said...

So sorry that you are feeling so bad....take it easy!!!!

I hope you get to go on your visit!!!

Love that cute!!!

Sending you get well wishes and {{{hugs}}}}!!!

Handmade with Love said...

Hope you feel better soon Angie, keep yourself tucked up warm! Tracey x

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw gee, I am so sorry you are sick and hope it is on the way out.
Glad you got a package though to boost your spirits.

voodoo vixen said...

What a fab prize and I love the way the cats take instant possession of it!! Hope you are feeling a lot better by now and the chest has eased up. I am so late this week, sorry!!

Peter said...

Sorry to read that you are not well. I am glad that you did have something arrive to give you some joy! Do look after yourself. I hope you can keep warm and have lots of lemon and honey for that throat of yours (actually a splash of whiskey in with the lemon and honey does make things more enjoyable...!).
Get well soon! P xxx

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon. I love your blog style and am in love with the apron (and the cats!) your photo projects are amazing. So glad you came to visit me.
A little inkling ;-) hugs

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh poor you, hope you feel better soon ;-)
The apron is fab (I confess I forgot to visit their blog after Annie had left a comment on mine) :-/
Anne xx

Morning's Minion said...

I hope you are feeling better. Aren't cats a great help and comfort--they love to stomp on or sit on whatever we are trying to do.I hadn't thought til reading your post that I could take the laptop into the bedroom, plug in and sit comfortably propped with pillows while reading blogs and other interesting stuff.