Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben and Jake are TWO

Well here I am back …blogging twice in two days, after two weeks of silence …well near silence as I did pop by one or two blogs as I was having withdrawal symptoms. There is still not much of a creative haven here at the moment but I am hoping to get my act together very soon ….just need a little mojo sent my way ladies …and gents. I still so want to do my journal and canvas and yes I think one will be a zentangle … maybe with a twist … but I think I will be also making a 6x6 or 8x8 album of a very special day out.

Monday was Ben and Jakes 2nd birthday and on Tuesday we all met up at Edinburgh Zoo …me armed with ice blocks and a picnic, all in my flowery shopping trolley…. the perfect accessory for a woman of my years lol

Ben and Jake helped with the map reading
It was so hot and humid that some of the animal houses suggested that visitors remained in the enclosures for no longer than 10 mins and many of the out door animals hid away in the shade.
The boys loved the day no matter what and totally fell in love with the penguins.
They were some large enclosures and then at 2.15 those penguins who fancied a stroll, parading around the green opposite, accompanied by the keepers.
I had to laugh as …after the penguins set off … one came to the now locked gate and screeched and screeched…I am sure he was saying; ’Hey fellers …you forgot me’.
Later we found that there was a viewing area under the penguin pool …it was brilliant. Ben and Jake were captivated and a little girl managed to get one to follow her fingers through the glass.
They loved the 'pretend animals tooand the big catsJake had to wave to everythingThere was so much to see and the boys lapped it all up was a wonderful day and every one was happy but exausted
Needless to say 5 adults and 3 cameras and we missed the best shot of the day in the monkey enclosure …Ben had his face pressed up against the glass giggling at a very cute monkey when it rushed towards him and planted a long large kiss exactly where his lips were resting… chattered shrilly and then gave him another… he never flinched …just continued to giggle. We were so surprised and enthralled that when Emma said ‘ Did some one get that?’ we apologetically mumbled in the negative. lol

Sorry for the photo over load ... but I thought I'd add one of me too
Take Care xx


Linda Elbourne said...

Where r u??? I can't see you :0) LOVE all the piccies and I have my eyes shut ... holding my breath ... pink in the cheeks and willing mojo like thoughts to come your way XXX

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fabulous pictures Angie. The penguins look like they're doing a linedance hehe Am sending you inspiration vibes over the ether
Anne xx

The Knitting Ninja said...

Glad to see you're blogging again - I was beginning to wonder where you went! Your photos are so good - far better than alot of ours, though we have PLENTY of pictures of the flamingos if you're interested!
Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, by the way. It'll be a long time before I have as many followers as you do but I'm enjoying writing it.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh what a fab's so all about the boys isn't the idea of the penguin walk, how fun. And you with your trolley - very demure photo of you gal!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Angie, hope the mojo returns soon! xx

Carmen said...

Oh that is a memory to tell them again when they hit their adulthood. Not many people can claim to have been smooched by a monkey!

Gorgeous piccies - can't believe they are 2 already. I remember going to Edinburgh Zoo on a school trip when I was 7!

Ann said...

Beautiful photos as always Angie. Those little fellas look like wonderful sponges soaking up every new thing!
Work and Family and a lack of inspiration have stopped me blogging lately. I'm on holiday soon, so I hope to make the most of some crafting time. Thanks for your kind comments on my (neglected) blog.