Saturday, March 10, 2012

Its My Birthday …and I can cry if I want to

Around 9am on the 10th March 1947, I entered this world as a tiny 5lb bundle of joy…so not sure what I really feel about turning 65 today …sort of numb …full of disbelief as inside my head I am not even 45 …and relief that I’ve actually reached it, as physically I don’t match up to the 80 years olds up here

Now how did I feel on some of my past birthdays … well the morning of my 20th found me sobbing and when I was asked why, I just managed to say that it was because I was no longer a teenager …maybe I was just scared to grow up

My 30th came and went …too busy being a Mum to worry

My 40th I kept quiet about …I let it pass with as few knowing as possible … it was marked only by close family…I was not ready to face the big 4..0

My 50th was the one where I decided to grow up and grow old gracefully …a mistake …should have waited another 10 or so years

My 60th was exciting …why?…because I got my Bus Pass and now could travel free. This may seem a little thing to most of you out there but it is an amazing saving as public transport is so expensive here in Fife....and I actually 'whooooped' when it dropped through the letter box sad am I lol

So 65 is really just another year …another number .. . …and is it any different to any of the other sixty four…or is it the start of another chapter maybe.

Today I’m being treated to Chinese Buffet lunch and a day wandering around a Craft Supermarket … and tomorrow the family will be here …all together spending the day with me….no party just a simple light lunch. …and that’s just perfect …what more could I ask for.

Take Care xx


Morning's Minion said...

A nice retrospective of birthday thoughts and feelings. Have a great celebration!

crafty cat corner said...

Happy Birthday and don't worry about the age, I am 66 next Thursday,just 4 years off seventy, (did I say 70) not possible cos like you I am only in my 40's in my head.
The body is another thing, its certainly telling me that it is wearing out and I don't like it one bit, still there's nothing that can be done about it. As long as I can see and use my hands I'll be happy to jog along.
I didn't realise how many of my blogging friends were Pisces, We're quite an arty sensitive bunch and like attracts like.
Anyway, enjoy your chinese and I will be doing the same next week as chinese food is my favourite.

Annie said...

Hope you have a really special weekend of celebrations. It's just a number :-)
A x

Arkansas Patti said...

A big time Happy Birthday to you. Hay, my sixties were pretty darn good. Remember to some of us, you are still a puppy or should I say kitten. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
I'll be 70 this fall but it doesn't bother me.. the only decade that did was when I turned 30.. after that I just never gave the years anymore thought.. even now when someone asks how old I am I have to stop and count and when it hits me I say "wow" lucky me.

Alison said...

Many happy returns for yesterday Angie, hope you had a lovely day!
I'm turning 50 in a couple of months, with absolutely no intention of growing up! Lol! Age is definitely just a number, it's just a shame our bodies don't realise that! x

Neet said...

I had no idea it was your birthday at the same time as mine (albeit I am older than you are so we cannot claim to be twins). Well, Happy Belated Birthday to you.
Sounds as if you had a super duper birthday, full of fun and family.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, belated birthday wishes to you - got a clue from your WOYWW 145 post :) We are almost the same age, you and I, my birthday is in November and I've got to agree reaching 65 is neither here nor there. I recall my 18th birthday very well - I enlisted in the WRAC at that time, my 20th came and went but my 30th was the one that made me stop and take stock, and I didn't like the stock I had at all, so I drew up a list I called the "Labours of Elizabeth" - my long range to-do/bucket list. #1 on the list was to learn to drive - tick; #2 get divorced - tick though it took me another 10 years so my 40th birthday wasn't too memorable; #3 get a university degree - tick; but my 50th was absolutely fantastic - my very new husband threw a party and all the family came :) I was too ill to enjoy my 60th but it was nice to get that bus pass because I don't drive now - too much traffic for my liking :) After all that, I confess my head still thinks I'm considerably younger - the mirror tells me otherwise. Glad to see you have enjoyed your celebrations and treated yourself at Hobbycrafts too. Knitting seems to be growing in popularity again so how trendy are you. Thanks for your earlier comment on my new craft room - and I can't outgrow this one, there's nowhere else to go unless we move house:) Wishing you a very happy and creative week. Elizabeth x #11