Monday, June 06, 2011

A Give Away I though you Might Like

It is Monday already …not sure I will have much to show you on WOYWW as I am still sorting …what fun it is…I will have to see …but what a great WOYWW last week was. I actually managed to visit everyone….all 130+.

Now the reason I am posting today is because of a ‘Give Away’ and I know how much you all love some thing for free so I thought I would pass it on.

Just pop over to Vicki’s blog and leave a comment …. Easy or what!.

Can not do a post without a photo ….The kind lady at Cupar Library found and emailed me the following pictures of James Stark whom I spoke of, on a previous post….so kind of her.

This was a post card from 1922 of the ‘Angel’ being unveiled by Earl Haig and James Stark.

This is from an almanac of 1912 …when he became provost

A LO soon I think.

Take Care xx


Arkansas Patti said...

How nice of her to send you those photos. Rather impressive war memorial.
I'll check out that link, thanks.

Sunshine Girl said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog for woyww last week sorry I am so late in visiting back but I was on holiday until late Sunday and out all day yesterday - I too have the Ikea Expedit (bought it on the day of the Royal Wedding!) and my 12x12 useful boxes dont fit either but as I only have two and use them for carrying stuff around the house or to my crop i am not too fussed it just means I have to store them on another shelf but still have the extra shelf space on my expedit unit (if you see what I mean!) - I am now wondering whether your room is still tidy 6 days on! Love the photos you have they will make a fantastic layout. Probably see you again tomorrow! Sunshine Girl

Julia Dunnit said...

It was great Angie, I didn't finish visiting till last night! Made all the better by your contributions, no doubt about it.

Jocelyn said...

Love those pics....they are just awesome!!!

Love ya sweet friend...thanks for the support that you always send to me!!!!

Wishing you a Fabulous week!!!