Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WOYWW ... 7

Still no sign of Del

Even though DD found me these two little ones, my mojo had taken flight … just like my duck.

As a result I have nothing in progress on my workspace but to cheer myself up I had a tiny sale spend, in the hope of mojo resurrection (that’s my excuse anyway) and it arrived today ... the papers , not the mojo...great service from Cardinal Colours. Now at least my space is not just an empty mat encircled by bits that are still waiting to be put away.

And the close up

All that for less than £10 including postage …. Not bad.

TY Cats Rule

Here is Mika …pretending to be a TY Cat. He actually kicked the two cats off the top to make a space to sit.

Yes I am 62 but I love TY Cats. I used to actually collect them but now I just enjoy them and I usually still get one at Xmas. Like scrap book papers, they make you want to stroke them and the bigger ones just ask to be hugged. The calendar next to them shows that I am not an organized person as its still on June lol but my excuse is that we have at least another four around the house. Trouble is I forget which one I wrote important things on …doh … but if I’m given a calendar I have to put it up!

Take Care

Thanks for calling by xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh a bargain Angie, and some wonderful papers..well doneyou. I'm sure that'll kick start you - it works for me! No trace of the missing one then...sweet of DD to find you some cousins!

Vicki said...

aww bless wee mika! he looks well cute sitting up there. i'm glad you got some cousins for del, i wonder where she went...... mmm!!

Jingle said...

Looks like you at least got some fun stuff to work with when that Mojo returns!

Jocelyn said...

Oh the goodies look wonderful and I would diving right into them!!!!!Love the p;ic of Mika sitting on the top of the shelf!!!!! Miss Cosmo has been acting naughty with all this confusion going on in the house and she started to claw at the sofa in the formal living room...Bad Girl..I say!!!!! Thanks again for all of the wonderful advice...I just pulled out last years electric get ready to do some more battle!!! Have a great day and I sure hope Duckie shows up soon!!!

Carmen said...

Love that photo. Have visions of a cat climbing up those shelves tossing other puddy tat's over her shoulder to get to the top :P

Lots of lovely goodies there - do they ease the pain of losing Del?

Emilie said...

Great new stash here! I've seen a few pieces I like!!! your cat look soooo cute! Still hope for DEL?

Linda Elbourne said...

Fab papers and what a bargain? I hope your MOJO returns very soon!

my5bratz said...

oooohhh lots of yummy stash...hope Del resurfaces soon :0)...we've just had a kitty join our house, a little ginger we named Tilly- short for Mathilda..a good Aussie

Linda Elbourne said...

Good Morning ... it's only me :0) You can find the whole delicious WV range here

Have fun X

Jocelyn said...

Yes Angie the awards are for you!!!!! You are the best!!!! Sorry I didn't link your blog...I will do that next time!!!! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

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