Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOYWW? ... 6

Here I am again …. Now for WOYWWednesday before its Thursday … doesn’t it come round quickly?

The completed LO,s that were photos and paper, just sitting there, last week are safely on my other blog and this week I’m having a go at altering the tiny duck. She’s coming along quite well as I hope you can just see and I’m up to my elbows in glue and tissue paper … in fact my fingers keep sticking to the duck and lifting the paper off but I WILL succeed in covering every last millimetre …even if it kills me. I primed her with gesso before I started … not sure whether it helps or hinders the process, as this is my first attempt. I’m also trying to think of how to finish her off.

You may notice that there are still things left from the last two LO’s, as I just might need them again … soon … no that’s a lie … I’m just too lazy to put them away especially when I want to do something else. By the way Julia … the stapled packs at the back are my vain attempt to categorize my photos!

The one strange thing on the table, for those that noticed, is a piece of paper with what looks like a shopping list …. It’s actually a recipe … well nearly one, as I am working on it… Healthy Flapjacks. Yes I know …. those two words do not go together in the same sentence ...but the test run was yummy if I say so myself.

I have decided … just now … as I was typing …. I’m calling her DEL as she is Psychedelic lol and I thought I would give you a close up of her so far, any way.

Thank you for leaving your thoughts on why you scrap … it made interesting reading and I ‘m glad Posterity and Memory still seems to come before Work of Art.

Thanks for reading this

Take care xx


allyf said...

cute, glad you have 'dressed' her at last :-)

LadyBug said...

ooohh! loads of glue and icky stuff to play with :) a crafty girls dream come true! I see big duck has still escaped a covering :) when is it his turn then?

Carmen said...

I think her name is very fitting :D Can't wait to see her finished - she's looking fabby.

I love flapjacks and am back on the slimfast now *sigh* So would love to know how your finished recipe turns out. (hint, hint)

my5bratz said...

WOW she's looking FANTASTIC...I was just looking at all Tori's ducks in the bath this morning...maybe she wont miss one...or

Julia Dunnit said...

That duckie Del is looking really good! No end to your talents huh - heritage, altering and recipe're amazing.
Thank you for sharing your award with me; that's what I love about this craft blogging thing - the sharing. Love seeing your desk, and am hugely relieved that you move on to soemthing without totally putting away the too.

Jocelyn said...

Oh she is so styling now!!! What fun!!!!!! I love glue and icky sticky stuff to play in!!!!!! Have a great day sweet friend!!! :)

my5bratz said...

thanks for the comment, just letting you know about the text question...yes a lot of them are from my head but some are sentiments that I have seen on other cards..

tori just saw your duck and when she asked what it was I said a duck like yours from the bath, to which she replied..thats my duck!! gotta love em :0)