Monday, July 27, 2009

My Cat Problems

Over the past years of being an obsessive cat owner …aided and abetted by DD … I have always been considerate of my neighbours and never let more than a few be out door cats. I know that some people think it is cruel to keep them in but if I feel that if they are desperate to be out …we let them. Our vet says the life span of an out door cat is 3-4 years less than one of an indoor so maybe I shouldn’t worry as they all seem very happy. At the moment 4 go out, 3 (neutered) males and a 14 year old ex-feral female. A few of the others think they want to experience the outside world but when more than their front half comes face to face with it, they retreat.

My outdoor quartet have been very happy over the past four years in our new home, making friends with others in the vicinity …even brought the odd one back to meet me … early confrontations long forgotten.


We now have a new feline on the block that is taking no prisoners. ‘IT’, as I really do not want to get that close to sex it, is making the life of my three macho males, a misery. It has a collar and disc … and no fear. It is smaller than its chosen opponents but behaves as though it were a cross between Mike Tyson and a Pit-bull. Poor Bilbo, who resembles Baloo the Bear, looks as though he is doing the Green Cross Code every few yards he ventures out, after being cornered the other day …not even my appearance halted the fight … only screams and growls from me finally brought things to a halt and the ginger and white monster sloped off down the garden. Smudge, who suffers from stress and cystitis when faced with children, is now back on the medication after being also recued from a vicious attack, by DD but poor Felix, our beautiful Tuxedo cat, has suffered the worst. He has had a chunk taken out of his rear and has been cornered on our doorstep several times. He is so scared that he looses control of his bodily functions when cornered. The Monster has cost me over a £100 in Vet bills so far and we are not happy bunnies. I have tried to keep my boys in but Bilbo is the only one who now just nips out in the mornings … the others cry, or should I say scream, to go out so I have to let them go. Felix ventures a few yards and turns for a reassuring word or two … ‘Go on boy …you will be ok’ I call and he slowly, in trepidation, heads for the green house.

My daughter has suggested we get a Super Soaker water gun and splat the ******.. My idea was to try to get close enough to read its tag (am I mad) and then visit its owner …with a bill. I fear that they will only say ‘so’ or ‘sorry …cats will be cats’. A friend has suggested Snaps …I think they are like the sound of a cap gun ….. I really do not want to hurt the ferocious feline, although sorely tempted …

WHAT would you do.?

Sorry there are no LO’s ….mojo not back yet. It also has been so wet that I haven’t photographed anything ….so that is why you have a tale of woe.

Take care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Angie. How dreadful. I hae no experience of cats at all, so am no use. But I do agree that the owner of the rogue will shake it off - if indeed the owner isn't the role model! But oh, good luck gal..someone will have some ideas, although the water gun sonds a good 'un to me..even if it doesn't work, it would be satisfying!!

LadyBug said...

It's very difficult isn't it! we had a simlar problem when we moved from the country to the IOW. we now live in Ryde towna nd our three (as was) had to get used to a townie lifestyle. all three of ours were quiet retiring types and were confronted with bigger ASBO type moggies. Vinnie (my only remaining puss) now stays in the garden and steers clear of the local yobs they scare him so much (sadly we lost our other two boys within 6 months to the roads). so no answers sorry but I know if it was me watergun would sound like a good plan.

Jocelyn said...

Oh dear Angie...what horror!!!! I have Miss Cosmo and we do not allow her outside...although she trys to make a dart for the door when strangers come to the house!!!!! I have no idea what to tell you to do....I do agree that the owner will likely take no responsibility in this matter.....The caps sound sound good along with the water gun....but I think this bully will be back!!! I am so sorry you have to go through this!!! :(

Julie said...

I have 2 house cats we have loads of cats round here and some are not really cared for - well they look well but are thin iykwim. I was told to use a water gun and chilli powder when one particular cat sits at our door or jumps on our window ledge and our two hiss, growl and shake till theres no tomorrow might not work but it did work for a while here.

Oh and all the best of luck with your problem.

Carmen said...

Oh Angie, I really feel for you. Similar situation here but with our eldest doggy. Lots of people round here have taken to having those bigmastiff type dogs, no lead of course. My dog a little jack russell cross has been attacked twice. Both times endined in me holding her above my head and the other dog literally running up my body to attck her while Craig and the last time 2 plain clothes policemen trying to kick the dog off.

The result is I don't walk my eldest dog anymore. I'm terrified it will happen while the girls are with me and they will get attacked too. It's not fair that my dogs are now prisoners and as a result Lucy who was such a placid docile dog now snaps first if she sees another dog :( Cooper the pup we take out and walk far, far away from our local area but I feel like the yobs have won. The women who came out screaming like a banshee the last time to get off HER dog (uh...mine is 6 foot in the air being eaten?) blamed my dog because I shouldn't be walking a puppy anyway (she's 12 yrs old) I must have instigated it. I worry because all these owners have kids in the house and the dogs obviously have a taste for blood. Has anything been done? Nope. Makes my blood boil.

Snaps might be an idea in your case - they don't hirt just when they hit the floor they make a banging noise. We use the water technique when the pussy cats get a bit close to our bird shed - generally works for a few days at least.

Good luck :)

Carmen said...

Oops that was a rant and a half :P Sorry.

Julie said...

I just put the chilli powder raw no mixing where the cat normally goes also used curry powder. The currey powder the same as the chilli someone told me about this too I went to the indian spices market you get it loose and a bit cheaper.

Thx for you comment to my waterways.

Anne said...

Definately water - I just use an old washing up liquid bottle, well washed out, and full of cold water. Absolutely no way that it could hurt anything, but it's VERY effective - and you can squirt it quite a long way too! I suggest that you keep one handy, and put it to use whenever you see the cat in your vicinity - he/she should soon learn not to come close.

How awful for your poor kitties to be so terrorised on their own territory. I wonder where this other cat has come from so suddenly? Maybe if it has recently been moved into the area, it hasnt worked out where it's own territory is yet.

Let us know how you get on.

Mole said...

Water pistol for sure. Where I uxsed to live the neighbour's bully tom was always coming in thru our cat flap and terrorising my two. It scratched like fury too, and I've got the scars to show for it!