Sunday, July 05, 2009

What does it Spell?

Take … a LO, that was about to be filed, a glass of water, three cats and a moth … what does that spell … DISASTER

I stood up and walked away from the table for a second … a thunder of 12 paws could be heard as three cats charged in and across the table. Phoebe was in the lead followed close behind by Wanda and the rear was brought up by Lucky. She is rather like Mr Miyagi (from Karate Kid) when it comes to catching moths … her paws spring together with the prey within them but the coordination of her back legs leaves a lot to be desired. She clipped the glass … I screamed ‘N-ooooo’, as I watched it topple … … the cats retreated and the prey escaped. DD threw herself down the stairs fearing what she would find … she found me in tears holding my wet ‘Catherine Mary’ LO. She grabbed it and dashed upstairs to where she has her craft area ‘Just leave me …. I’ll sort it’ and she did.
She quickly dismantled the whole thing and mounted it all on a very similar background, as the water had managed to confine its self to the Mary segment.
This is the result …. Thank you DD

Last post I talked about making background card from scraps .... well I found a picture that I felt suited it and I have done the LO. I stamped on the outer mat that the photo is mounted on, edged it all in gold and used letters I bought two or so years ago .... yeah

I am putting this on my FH blog too suggested by other bloggers and I have added the background story .... if you want to read it.

I'm off to find two more photos to use my other two contructed background cards on and update my other blog.

Thanks for looking.

Take Care xx


Carmen said...

:D Aw I miss having a cat! As I type I'm listening to a hyper pup chasing moths up and down the kitchen - he stays out there of an evening for this self same reason ;) All I can hear are frustrated puppy growls and clattering claws up and down the laminate accompanied by the occasional surprised yip when he slides instead of runs *g* The moths always get the better of him.

Your dd did a fabulous job on your lo!

Jocelyn said...

I am so glad your DD was able to fix the mess!!!! Kitties......are they not something else!!! So sorry about my blog giving you a hard time.....I was having the same thing with some of my favorite blogs would just pop up with something about a blank page and then it would freeze the computer and I would have to restart. I am going to change from IE also!!!!! Have a great week and I wish you much happiness!!! :)

Mole said...

With four cats and three dogs I was with you all the way there! I'm glad your LO was rescued - well done, DD!

my5bratz said...

ya gotta love em....I know from personal experience how devestating that can be, glad DD saved it for you

rainbow_poppy said...

Love some of the old pics you have, really beautiful.

Glad the layout was saved, our cat thinks he belongs on the table on whatever is around at the time. I leave a 12 by 12 bag on top of whatever I am working on now.

Julia Dunnit said...

Brilliant rescue, for sure, but couldn'thelp laughing - sorry!! Love the background created from scraps - it works so so well!