Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Well what’s on my work area?.....answer…..

A COVER, after my disaster … and DUCKY…still waiting for his make over.

He now has a friend, which I hope inspires me to have a go, as she’s a lot smaller and hopefully quicker to do, for a first attempt.

I have put my patched paper away for this week and am contemplating a layout with the photos and papers on the mat …yes I retrieved my mat from all the chaos of last week but had the tidy up forced on me due to the water incident. Shame … I still had some table to move down to lol. Mind you I've managed to start a little mess next to my tote.

It’s a CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS…. That outburst will mean nothing to those who haven’t read my last but one post but for those who have, my tree is native to New Zealand and is a known as a Cabbage Tree. Mine still has one trunk and is only about 8-9 feet tall but I am 99% sure I’ve got the right one.

It, however has caused its own problems this week and now has been deflowered, sadly. The smell got worse and worse, DD felt sick every time she went out into the garden and Vicki, who had the worst ever hay fever reactions to its pollen, renamed it … The Evil Death Tree.

I caught this last bee shot before their pollen store was removed.

Lastly … we had a visitor to the garden on Monday night and DD managed to get some shots so here's Mr Hedgehog... all together now ... AHHHH

Having changed to Mozilla, the font had changed on my blog. Today is an experiment and I hope it's OK... it should be back to what I used to use ...fingers crossed but the rest will just have to stay small.

Thanks for reading this

Take Care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Those photosd look lovely - will look forward to your LO with those. And what's in the stapled together envelope type thing with a stamp image on it at the top left? See how nosey I am?!!
LOVE the look of the tree, but if it's making people ill.....poor Vicki!!

Jocelyn said...

Take a look at that clean desk....oh my I cannot even see mine! Love the pics and so sorry that the tree is making DD and Vicki sick!!!! Have a great one!!!! :)

voodoo vixen said...

Shame about the flowers on your tree, but what a brilliant photo of the hedgehog! They only appear in the dark where I live in Scoltand so no chance of getting a photo. Love the way your DD saved your LO from the disaster of the cats.

allyf said...

Fab photos, especially one of the flower.

LadyBug said...

shame about losing all the flowers but if they have to go..... they have to go :( lovely to see that little prickley ladie in the garden living in town I don't see so many now (come to think if it not even sure if we have any on the IOW????)
Greta desk that photo looks good. waiting the see what you do with it :)

my5bratz said...

I miss all the wildlife at our house, we regularly had kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, echidnas and goannas round our house, saw a couple of roos when we first moved here but nothing exciting since....that hedgehog is soooooo cute...

my5bratz said...

p.s here's the link for Dustins freebie

Mole said...

Have you plans for altering Ducky?

Carmen said...

Those darn ducks - they have a habit of multiplying, you watch out - you'll have a whole family of them living there soon :D I should know!

I managed to get my table clear - just, before my friend arrived. Shame about the rest of the house! ;)

She's just gone to bed so have popped on for a quick hoppety hop.

Kim Dellow said...

Can't wait to see what you do with Ducky :) Fab piccies. Kim

Anne said...

Evil Death Tree - lol!

And your cats and the water! omg!

And the hedgehog!

All in all, lots of great posts for me to catch up on.