Tuesday, October 02, 2012

WOYWW Week 174 ….Sorry … still no craftyness I am afraid

I so want to craft …I keep seeing things I want to do …things that inspire …things that look fun … but nothing comes forth from my muddled brain.
I am trying not to look at the new things on the market as I really cant justify spending  but when I get back to crafting I think I will treat myself.
I have not even knitted since I had to rip back my last piece …but my hands are itching to start again which I feel is a good sign.

I am still getting over  the shock of loosing several of my ‘cat collection’ …I hasten to say NOT the real ones …but at their hands …or should I say paws.
 I had my cat shaped mugs teapots and jugs  on top of  one of the display cabinets …quite high up …sounds a stupid place with so many cats ….but nothing had ever happened even when Rusty once decided to roll amongst them and Mika sat in the middle of them, defying me as I shouted DOWN…but that should have been a warning.
There I was in the kitchen when the horrifying sound of breaking china reached my ears … I ran in to see two shocked and guilty kittens surrounded in a mountain of broken china ….but such is life with felines …  a great photo opportunity missed though …. too stressed to grab my camera.

This evening I made an Eves Pudding  for supper … something my Mum used to make when I was a child and her Mum for her …I tweaked it a little to make it my own … Robbie and Kris loved it….forgot to take a photo until we had eaten it ….this is all that was left ….it was yummy if I say so my self and even DD loved  it. I will add the recipe in a couple of days, in case anyone fancies trying it.

 I shall just finish with these photos …
Two little tired souls….

and another one of two sleepy heads…
Barnaby  with  Mika, who was standing in for Rusty as ‘uncle‘.
Hopefully my creativeness will be back soon ….I feel it is struggling to emerge but until its return, I do not want to miss out on the weekly gathering, and my visits to my wonderfully crafty friends.
I seem to manage about 75 of you each week...wish I could manage more visits.

Take Care xx


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I don't know what Eve's pudding is! So I'll definitely be returning for the recipe..
And that's a great pic of Boy and Cat Sleeping!!
Hugs, LLJ xx

Annie said...

Hi Shozzy,
I'm sure your mojo will return very soon. Just give it time.
A x #2

okienurse said...

Curious as to what Eve's pudding is. Looking forward to seeing the recipe. Great pictures of the boy and cats. Sorry to hear your mojo's gone walkabout. Hopefully it will return soon. Have a great week. Vickie #22

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Shozzy
You're not alone having craft slump.
I have several things half done and just cannot get the oomph to finish them.
The weather is so gloomy it doesn't inspire me to go up to my work room and get going.
I have all the time in the world now with no kids but it seems to be flashing past so fast each day with nothing positive ever being produced.
So you see, I understand where you're coming from

Carmen said...

I have never heard of Eve's pudding but it sounds and looks yum!

It's usually me that does all the breaking in this house, I try and blame the dog... the kids, the wind, anything but everyone knows it's me ;)

Hope your mojo returns soon Angie - having had such a prolonged spell without mine (year and a half!) I know how down it can make you feel. Itchy fingers is a good sign though ;)

Eliza said...

I don't know what Eve's pudding is either you will have to post the recipe for sure. Beautiful little man sleeping with the fur bundle. How cats love sleeping. So sorry to hear about the cat china, now people will know what to buy you when they can and you will have a new collection over again.

Happy WOYWW and come back Mojo

Eliza #55

BJ said...

Know what you mean about the crafty inspiration taking a hike. I love sewing but it took 3 weeks since the lesson was posted for inspiration to strike for my fabric page. Do some tidying in your craft space, that usually helps. Thanks for stopping by BJ#6

sandra de said...

Now that is a good pic of a most delicious treat. If it wasn't delicious you would still have a full dish. Those kitties certainly keep you on your toes. But we wouldn't have it any other way.
Sandra @73

Ann B said...

Know the feeling Shozzy. My mojo deserted me for weeks, and every time I went in my craft room I was overwhelmed by all the stuff I have. Think I need to downsize on some of it, just the bits I hardly ever use, but then I think 'what if I 'need' it again.
Love Eve's pudding, haven't had any for ages, making my mouth water.
Ann B

Shazsilverwolf said...

I am with you completely. It has been a few months since I last blogged, as I just haven't had any mojo at all. But it is coming back, at last! I had a good tidy up and sort out of my craft stuff, and that actually seems to have helped.Have a great week, Shaz #60

jill said...

You really have lost your mojo right now , i hope you get back into crafting again soon. What naughty little kittens breaking a lot of china. Fab photo of you grandson asleep with the cat they both look so peaceful. jill #29

Neet said...

Love your sleepy heads photos and the Eves Pudding looks as if it was delicious.
I am so sorry about your mojo. I was forced to make some cards, struggled, but got there in the end and now am raring to go. Perhaps if you got some "C" stamps out and made yourself do a card or two then it would jog it back? Worth a try!
Don't give up, and glad you only lost china cats - the others are too too precious.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Neet 31 xx

weaverpat said...

Hi Shozzy,
The inspiration will return. In the meantime, you're cooking. That's a creative outlet!

So sorry to hear about the shattered collection of kitty glassware. Those little scamps! We've found that NOTHINBG is safe from cats. They seem to see it as a challenge to get in the most trouble possible.

The pudding looks yummy. I can't wait for the recipe.

Cute pictures of the sleepyheads!

Twiglet said...

Eve's pudding - apple/sponge? It looks delicious - I love winter puddings. Your photos are so lovely too. Get those knitting needles going - it's good for you!! lol x Jo

Helen said...

M&S used to make a great Eve's Pudding but not seen it in there for ages, so will try and remember to stop back!! Hope the disappointment of losing some of your cat collection has abated, what a shame - but as you say, such is life with cats (not that I have any...) take care! Helen, 4

Julia Dunnit said...

Ow..broken china collection...I understand your stress! As you say though, an occupational hazard! Eve's pudding..truly I cant remember the last time..but I know it's lovely...lucky we're a distance or I'd be popping in for tea most nights!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Heard of it but never made (or eaten) it. Well it must have been good as it's almost all gone.

So sad bout the broken bits. Cats! They are as bad as kids :)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, sorry to hear that your crafting mojo is still on holiday, but I think it might just be on it's way back judging by your post. Love the photo of your grandson and the cat having a snooze together - signs of a very trusting relationship :) I haven't had Eve's pudding in eons - I'm sure I could put together a low sugar version ... now there's something for me to think about. Hope you have a good week and happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #49

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Shozzy again. thanks for putting your name on the petition, the more names the better.
The sausage could be knitted I suppose but I just make a bit of crochet about 9" x 5" then sew up the long edge and one short, I usually use pure wool but you could use any yarn, but I do use chunky or double dk to make it nice and firm.
Stuff it with kapok or old cushion stuffing and in between the stuffing I add good pinches of catnip. then I make 3 plaited tails and sew them in the other end securely.
Make sure you stuff it really firmly because once they start booting it with their back legs it will go out of shape.
Mine all love them, we have 4 littered about, only problem is making sure you don't trip over the damn things. lol

JoZart said...

Well Angie, I'd be snoozing peacefully if I'd eaten the lovely Eve's pudding but wouldn't look as gorgeous as those two snoozers.
At New Year I joined a temporary forum which gave a kick start for New Year creativity and the thing that I found helped most was to just sit and put colour on paper, any medium and colour combo. Just mess and play and soon you'll want to make something with the results.
Have a go!
Love jo x

Redanne said...

Hi Angie, sorry that your Mr Mojo has taken a hike, mine did a couple of weeks ago, but it is slowly coming back. Your Eve's pudding looks fabulous, never tried it but it looks delicious. What a shame about the crockery - like you say though, that's cats for you. Great photo of your GS with the kitten. Hugs, Anne x #13

Anne said...

Sorry you're mojo has deserted you hope it soon returns. The Eve's pudding looks scrumptious would like your recipe. Lovely photo of your grandson. Take care.Anne x #69

Morning's Minion said...

I was thinking about this post while doing other things--and feeling badly about your smashed cat-themed china.
We've had a few upsets--and I've learned to keep a few precious things behind glass doors as it seems that cats can take a notion to clamber about on open shelving or ledges.
I once had a cat pull tablecloth, crockery and a favorite teapot [full of steaming tea] off the table just as I invited a guest to sit down for breakfast.
These latest kittens come in through the open sliding door and parade on the counters--I foresee trouble. They are not at all impressed by scolding.

Amy E said...

Love your beautiful sleepy pictures!

I can't wait to see the recipe..I've never heard of Eve's Pudding. But then again, I think the food is quite different here in the States then it is there!

I hope your creative juices start flowing again soon!!

Amy E. #25

Sue said...

I am not sure we need to buy craft thngs from the craft shops...I seem to have fun using cheap things, often just found lying around. Cats can be so naughty, but yours are so adorable...I bet you soon forgave them. Hope you get busy 'making' soon:)

Rian said...

"... but such is the life with felines." You are right there. Our house is 'feline proofed'... not meaning they can't find something to break or mess with, but meaning we have to have really heavy centerpieces so that they don't pull the entire table cloth off when they make their runs. We can't use real flowers as they will eat them, or leave certain things about (like yarn) or they will 'web' the house, etc. I know that YOU know what I mean...

Sheena said...

The pudding looks lovely - even if I don't know what's in it!
Cats will always want to go where they know they're not allowed!
I hope you get your mojo back soon - thanks for the visit and happy WOYWW!


Paula Gale said...

Hi sweetie - long time no chat...

I am so sorry to find you not feeling creative - I know all too well how that feels... mine is in fits and starts - I seem to tidy up then make a mess then tidy up some more - and hardly a card made.

Your naughty cats are like my black clumsy cat - she's about the least nimble cat I know - she tries to tiptoe through and around things - but she's crap at it!!! Your little ones look sweet while they sleep next to their human hot water bottle... Black and white kittens are just so gorgeous!!!

I was just looking through a few posts on your other blog - the one about family history - it was really interesting - I read quite a few (in a backwards through the posts kinda fashion) - if you enjoyed doing that - you should do more because I found it really interesting...

We must catch up for a chat soon

big hugs

Paula x x x

Barb King said...

You'll get your creativity back soon, I am sure. Those cats sound like rascals! Barb

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Sorry to hear about your cat collection although I'm glad it's not the real kind. Hope your mojo gets back soon,

MaggieC said...

Glad you are, at least, calling in to see us all on a Wednesday. I am sure you will soon get your mojo back in full working order, if those naughty kitties allow you. By the way, if you take a look at my desk today, you will struggle to find that green mat again. xx Maggie #35

Angie said...

I've found that the higher up, the more likely my cats are going to go for it. I've learned that there really is no place 'safe' from cats unless it's in a cabinet. As for the missing mojo, it has been my experience that sometimes buying myself a little something new will help me get to creating again. Something that sparks whatever it is you want to do, a new yarn, a new stamp, a new ink!
Angie #91

Judys Fabrications said...

LOVE the photo of kitties etc.That pudding - I can almost smell it YUM!!
Judy #27

Queenie Jeannie said...

Your naughty kittens!!!! Sorry about losing some china! But we have to love our fur babies, don't we?

Pudding looks divine!

I hope your crafting mojo returns soon! HUGS!

Minxy said...

I find the best thing to do when you have a crafty block is to just play, don't try and make something, just try slapping some paint or ink on paper to create backgrounds or something similar, I find this usually sparks me off and before you know it you're working on a project!
Hope you feel crafty soon x
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog x
Happy{sorry im late}WOYWW
Hugz Minxy #24

Daniella said...

I hope you are feeling better Shozzy. Quite the CAT astrophy!! I don't mean to make light of the breaking of your precious things. That really is awful!
I saw your recipe for the pudding, I think it is the perfect fall treat!! I wrote the recipe down. I think my boys will love it!!!
Feel great!!

Cardarian said...

Well I loved your photos - I have no mojo either but I am forced to make things as there is so many birthdays this month - struggling!
Love your sleepy heads!

Sue from Oregon said...

Hello Angie! Lovin your treat craftiness...what a treasure to have this family heirloom recipe! Happy late WOYWW!

Whimcees said...


That dessert looks like it was very yummy! I hope that you soon find your creative spirit again. Maybe you should follow your instincts and purchase one of the new fun things that are in the stores - even some new patterned paper can start the motivation again! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane