Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Best Fish and Chips

 Yesterday was the first sunny … and dry … day for ages …not that it was in any way warm …about 7degC (45 F ).On the spur of the moment, I decided to take the bus to Anstruther …so glad I did as its dreich (dreary) today... and wet.
 Anstruther is a  picturesque harbour village, the largest of those found along the East Neuk (ie. east corner of fife) …and still a working harbour unlike many of those along the coast  … and, as a bonus, it is a beautiful ride to get there too.
 Well it normally it is but the incessant  heavy rain we have had, has left soaking bails of hay sitting in water logged fields….so bad in places that it looks as though ponds have sprung up in the dips of  the  undulating land….and it made me feel sad for the farmers who are having a bad enough time any way. The sheep that scatter the hills do not seem bothered at all.
I decided that I needed a treat …a fish and chip lunch was in order.  You may wonder why this is a treat when there are so many Fish and Chip shops/bars around, well this fish and chip restaurant is well known in Scotland…and has had many awards over the years … visitors from abroad are often recommended to visit too.

 It doesn't look alot does it but even on this October  day …just later than’ Lunch Time‘ …I had to queue …about 12 in front of me and more behind. In the summer, locals stay away …I took friends once and the wait to ‘eat in’ was unbelievable but even the line to ‘take away’ an order seemed never ending…maybe 30 or so in front of us...often the queue winds down the street.
It has a wide range of battered and breaded fish,  fresh fish cakes and Scottish puddings, on its menu …the traditional Haddock is probably most peoples favourite but there is also a menu board with ‘Catches of the Day’ …where something a little different may turn up.

 All the fish is caught locally and the batter used is  a secret recipe. It is so light...almost caramel in colour …this crispy coat encases the perfectly cooked fish of your choice ….no ’stodgy’ batter  in sight here…and the chips are like the best of home made ones. The price includes a hot drink and a slice of bread and butter...and sauces of course …the meal is served in a shallow cardboard tray ….which seems to keep it hot and crisp longer than if it were on a china plate … and as you take in the first piping hot  mouthful you know it was worth the wait.

I need to return and visit the Fishing Museum and maybe tread the cobbled streets …capturing the beauty and history of the  buildings that edge them ….maybe on a warmer day but before the Summer when it is so crowded with tourists. …in the mean time here is the harbour and its surrounding buildings..

If you ever visit Fife you have to sample the beauty of this village and the taste of the fish in the glorious batter.
Take Care xx


Rian said...

Angie, we will definitely put Fife on our list of places to see in Scotland. It looks wonderful. DH and I may not have many trips left in us, but returning at some point to Scotland is the plan. Thanks for sharing your 'adventure' with us.

crafty cat corner said...

I just love fish and chips but they don't love me, I'm crippled after eating them. Doesn't mean I don't sometimes indulge though.
We have 'Harry Ramsdons' here and they are lovely but like you its not worth going in the summer as its packed.
Looks like a good day out.

weaverpat said...

I've missed you travel posts!
Oh my, this was a good one. Now I'm sooo hungry for fish and chips and no good place to get any! I guess it wouldn't stay hot all the way across the ocean if I begged you to send me some. LOL!
I'm glad you had a good day without too much more rain.
Thanks for a great post!

crafty cat corner said...

When the cat nip smell dies off I spray them with canned cat nip, just a tip.
Glad they all like them, we've got several littered around, only problem is we tend to trip over them. lol

Jan Hennings said...

Sounds delish :)

SueH said...

I hope you realise that as I’m sitting here typing this I’m drawling. Could just eat a big plate of fish and chips now but don’t think my Slimming World consultant would approve somehow, Lol.
Sounds like you had a wonderful day though and the weather was kind’ish

Thanks for stopping by this week.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @ #81

Whimcees said...


The photos are beautiful and the fish and chips sounds so delicious! Would be so wonderful to see this is person! Wishing you some sunshine today!


Barbara Diane

Rhonda said...

Fife sounds like such a delightful place...especially the fish and chips at the eatery. You described it so well, makes me want to eat some now! Thanks for sharing Anstruther with us. ♥

okienurse said...

ahh Angie! Love fish and chips in Scotland and the UK but I don't eat the things anywhere else. Love the shots of the harbor. I live in the middle of the US and all the lakes in Oklahoma are man made so great expanses of water make me envious. Hope you have a great week and see you next week on WOYWW! Vickie