Tuesday, October 09, 2012

WOYWW 175 ...Biting the bullet

 I love the Log Cabin design of knitted squares …I just have problems with knitting each one to the same tension. Each time I knit a couple they match …then I put them down  for a few weeks and when I take my needles  up again, the next couple of squares turn out smaller or bigger.?????
The result is that the cats will be having loads of little blankets until I solve the problem. …not sure a tension square will help sadly.
These were my largest pair .... Toto is wondering where his is. lol

 Now...( large intake of breath).... I really have to bite the bullet and show you my desk ...it was a hard desion ...but I feel it is the only way that I am going to create again.
Those of a nevous disposition .... LOOK AWAY NOW.

I thought today that if I showed you my mess  it might make me feel so guilty and ashamed that I would do some sorting and tiding over the next week or so .... and then possibly .... some crafting would emerge in the future that was not knitting or cooking. 
This is actually after a tiny bit of organization …believe it or not …things that should not have been there in the first place have been removed.

BTW ...If anyone uses my recipes I want to say that my conversion might be wrong when it comes to cups and  flour …I went by what the charts say but when I checked it myself today I found it to be wrong …or maybe I had not packed the flour down properly….not very good with cups and spoons lol. I have made a note on my last post.

This is a short-ish one this week. …makes a change lol.

Thanks to all my friends that left comments last week …I so love reading them and knowing you dropped by.

Take Care xx


Maria said...

Hi Angie,
Your cat looks so content lying on your craft projects, I had to laugh when I read your profile on the side of your blog.....
As to your craft space mine looks like that pretty much all the time, I just tend to push it all aside and work in a tiny area on my table, or move to the dining table if it's to cluttered....
Hope to see you creating soon..


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think Toto is gasping in amazement at the beautiful rainbow knitting, tensioned or not!! It's lovely :)
And your desk is crazy but showing it must mean that you're ready to start unveiling it again!
HUgs, LLJ #53 xx

Annie said...

Love the log cabin knits....I made one that little Lexi loves to carry round with her while she is here :-)
A x #68

Lou said...

Those squares look fab, I have never been able to knit so your doing fab :) can't wait to see it all finished.

My craft stuff normally looks like that don't worry just photo the desk bit so you can't see all around it LOL

Lou #72 x

butterfly said...

Beautiful knitted squares... and the craft desk looks like quite a task - I can understand why you're sticking to the knitting and cooking at the moment, but wish you lots of luck clearing your way back to some other crafting!
Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Neet said...

Keep making those cat blankets, they will love them - how many have you done and how many to go?
Glad to see your crafting desk. Hope it gets some space sooner than soon and you join us again with some paper stuff.
Thanks for sharing - you take care
Hugz, Neet 29 xx

JoZart said...

Love your squares and despite your own criticisms I don't think that matters. They are handmade and look good. You'll soon get that lot tidied if you really WANT to so make yourself want to! Hope to see the after result pics.
Wish you were coming to the crop... one day, hey?
love Jo x

okienurse said...

love all the blocks you have made Angie. I am like you though there is some gremlin gets in my knitting and changes the gauge some how! BTW! Thanks for publishing the Eve's Pudding! It sounds awesome and I am going to make it tomorrow! Have a great week. Vickie #41

SueH said...

Hi Angie,
First of all can I just say sorry for not returning your visit to my blog last week, it was just one of those weeks.

Your desk looks a lot like mine before I decided to hit the Heritage stuff again and cleared it all off. What you don’t see in my photo though is that the mess that was on my table is now in a pile on the floor in the corner, Lol.
Don’t really know what the answer to your tension problem with your knitting is but your squares are looking fab.

Happy Crafting!

Bernice said...

My desk looks like this fairly often - I just shift some of it onto the floor when I need more space to craft!!:-) Thanks for the tips about the doily die,
Bernice #5

Helen said...

Good luck with your cat blankets! Quite a task you have!! Thanks for your visit. Helen, 6

MaggieC said...

My reason for clearing and tidying my desk was I need the space for a friend to come and craft with me to learn new techniques. It worked well, and a week later I still have a reasonably tidy desk, even if I am still hunting things that I keep losing. Have a really good week. xx Maggie #88

Daniella said...

I wish I could offer some help on your knitting dilemma, but I can not do anything with a needle and thread, wool, yarn, etc. I give you credit for making the squares at all!! They look really awesome to me (and your cat LOL).
Your craft space is wonderful creative chaos!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I like the log cabin style too, a much more original way than squares. I can't stick to tension either Angie...when you suss out the problem, gimme a lesson! as for your desk..it happens..as soon as you stop using it for crafting, piles of stuff grow out of it. It shouldn't shame you, but if it helps to motivate you, OKay then!!

Annie said...

Hi Angie,
I have just tried and have no idea why you are struggling to get on Jo's blog. Try this link and see if it helps...
Fingers crossed.
A x

Angie said...

I've had that problem with textiles my whole life, no two stitches are ever the same. Thus why I am a paper crafter lol!
Angie #18

Anne said...

Hi there my desk is piled up and no crafting going on. I decided to move my crafting stuff downstairs. Not the best time as I should be doing some serious cardmaking etc. I am still knitting squares for a cot blanket(a charity project) I don't think any of squares are exactly the same size. have done 19 and have 19 to go. Will be trying your recipe out. Thanks for posting it. Anne x# 91

EELS said...

Hiya Angie, thanks for visitig me. Your moggy looks gorgeous although I am not a cat person now I would still like to cuddle him. When I used to knit I never checked tension, I mean, why look for trouble ha ha.
Cheers, Elaine #21

VonnyK said...

Your knitting looks great, I think the cats are happy that they might be getting them. Your desk is one to be proud of, even I would have trouble getting that mess (he he).
Have a great week.
Von #18

Bridget Larsen said...

ok I'd better sign up to get your recipes, I love cooking. YOu dont have jam recipes do you lol
I dont have to leave my knitting to get odd sizes, I do that naturally.
Bridget #4

Bridget Larsen said...

ooh there is no button to press to
get automatic updates when you post

crafty cat corner said...

I've never sen knitted log cabin design before, I quite like it.

Twiglet said...

Don't worry about the state of your desk Angie - you should see my room today!! As for dragonflies - I didn't get too close - I am never sure if they sting or not. We have all sorts of wild life up here in the hills!! x Jo

Anonymous said...

I love your squares Angie but don't know how to fix the issue of the size difference, never seen or heard of them before. Funny how things are, I know you make beanies and I'm apprehensive of having a go, but I can make sox and you think they're complicated, lol! Well, you've set yourself a challenge by showing us that desk you know!! You need to get back in there and at least have a tidy up, it'll do wonders for your mojo.

Brenda 1

Carmen said...

The squares are lovely Angie - at first I thought they were fabric, the colours are gorgeous!

Good luck with the craft desk - it took me a long time to get mine like it is (don't be fooled) but I try and keep it that way now as am more likely to play out there :P

Joynana said...

Hi Angie, still trying to make the rounds, I was at my desk working on some cards for my daughter to give for baby showers (3 of them) 1 birthday card and a going away card. and I need to get them in the mail by Saturday. And then a friend asked me to make two small cards for national bosses day. I did not even know there was such a thing. So, I got online to do some research. You were next on my list and here I am. Have a great weekend. Need to get in a couple more desk. Don't feel bad about how your desk looks, it could always be worst. I do like the knitted squares and wish I could knit. But, I could never learn to hold the needles the right way. #9

Jaki Morris said...

I can see signs of organisation in your boxes!
Take heart, I always post pictures of the mess which is my work area

Jakix #100

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, don't faint, two visits in one day, but I just wanted to thank you for visiting my beanie hat post and solving the puzzle of the what weight of yarn to use - I was thinking that it would have to be a chunky yarn, so Aran weight makes sense. So that's my next task - to get some of the correct wool and try again.

I like your squares - they are gorgeous, it's a shame about the tension. I had the same problem with handknitting ... that's why I finally went over to machine-knitting - the tension remains perfect throughout. Another trick I used, because my tension was looser than most knitters, was to always try a smaller set of needles - that usually solved the problem - you might like to give that a try.

I bet if you started to sort out your desk you would do what I do, find something interesting, abandon the sort out, and start crafting. It happens to me all the time so it takes me forever to have a clear out :)

Many thanks again for the yarn answer. Take care and have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx