Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo Overload ...Kids and Cats ...proud Nana

There was a house full here on Thursday …so wonderful to hear them laughing  and playing …and arguing and screaming… and I have to admit my head hurt a little after a while …more a matter of not being able to hear myself think ….three is my brains saturation point I think.
Emma was definitely convinced that three is enough, when she sat with the six of them as they had their tea together…I really should have captured them after they devoured chocolate cup cakes …I think they enjoyed them!!.

 I dont see Ben, Jake and Olly every week, so  they seem to grow up so fast to me.  Please forgive me for being a camera mad Nana.




and OLLY x5 ....well he stood still for once and I grabbed the oportunity.
 I so miss them  when they have gone home ...but I make sure I get some good hugs ...they are not so keen on kisses.

We have bought a new cat house/sctratch post thingy
 Ellie was the first to venture on to it and chose one of the basket hoops
.... then Lucky, Mika and Smudge ....and Rusty who is annoyed that Willow(who you cant see) is inside the main house part.
 When Willow vacated it, Smudge took her place and Phoebie tried to stare me out. She is the smallest...not counting the kittens ... but so feisty.

I had to finish with one of Ollys cheesy grins he looks so like his brothers too.

 Thank you for indulging me
Take Care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh what a lovely set of pics, the boys are growing up do fast, I still imagine Ollie as a babe in arms!! lovely fun tea time!

Annie said...

You show them off girl....I know just what it's like to be a proud Nanny....nothing like it in the world is there? What a beautiful family you've got.
Love the cat thingy too :-)
A x

Carmen said...

Gorgeous photos and wow it looks like you had a handful but so much fun. Those cat posts are brilliant aren't they? :D

Rian said...

Adorable! (Kids and cats) You have a right to be proud.

Murr Brewster said...

I've bought my cat many scratch posts. I thought I was buying furniture but I was misinformed.