Friday, October 26, 2012

Weather???? a Feline Fix.

Today is one of those  days ...when you have no idea what to do with  the heating or the clothes you put on your back ....every season has been covered.
Over night it was about Zero degrees C 
The early  morning was chilly but bright with a glorious blue sky (Spring)
By late morning the cats were basking in the sun that was  streaming through the window.(Summer)
By early afternoon it became over cast and the sky took on a strange hue (Autumn)
By late afternoon we had snow ...not a lot ...more of a dusting ... but the boys were jumping up and down while it fell.(Winter)
Dear friends from other lands ....such is the weather in the UK ....and that is why it is a common topic of conversation here.

 Sid fell asleep in the sun ...while having a scratch on the post

 I snuck behind him for a closer look peaceful
 He awoke ...I dont think he was amused.
Take Care xx


crafty cat corner said...

Hi Shozzy
Yes, in the past when the kids were young I well remember holding a newspaper across the fire hole and it catching, lol
Also remember the room being full of smoke and having to open the windows because the wind was in the wrong direction and the smoke used to blow back down the chimney. Those were the times when we had a square of carpet and lino around the edge, the draught used to lift the carpet up. lol
I could go on..... so little we had then but so many laughs the 5 of us. The kids often refer to their growing up and the good times we had even though we were poor.
The Gran kids just stand staring when we have a coal fire, they never have one.
I love the cat pics, especially look you got in the last shot.

Annie said...

Fab post least our weather is never boring hehehe
Love the cat pics.
A x

Eliza said...

The Aboriginals say we have 5 season here in Australia. I don't like it when the weather changes like that, poor moggies they really feel it.

Sid is beautiful, give him a cuddle from me. He is so like my dads cat that comes to visit often.

I have contacted the Manufacturer and Lord Tim, suffice to say some things are in action, I think I put a bomb under them, with the technical faults and suggested a product recall. We will see what comes of it.

Zeffy on here put me on the right track and complained for me then forwarded it on. The wheels are in motion. It helps being a licensed Electrical Technician, they didn't expect a full report. LOL

Thanks for caring.

Eliza 88

Alison said...

Gorgeous pics of Sid Angie! TFS x

Neet said...

Oh Angie, thanks for sharing those pics of your sleeping fur baby (well, one of them). What fab pictures they make. I think I would be tempted to make a long picture with all of them on at the different stages and decorate it to go in a frame.
Thanks for sharing and for visiting me lat week. Hugs, Neet 23 x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Tell Sid to scoot over, I want to sleep in the sun with him while the weird weather blows.