Thursday, October 04, 2012


Pre heat oven 180c/350f/mark4 gas
This is for a 5”x7” dish  or 7“ round deep pie dish or sponge tin…
(serves 3-5 depending on appetite lol)

NB ... POSSIBLE ERROR in cup conversion below....All the sites state that 8oz of floor = 1 cup
I go by weight  BUT I used a cup measure for some baking today and checked the weight...
It was nearer to only 6oz so I thought I had better warn you ...I did not pack it down in the cup though.
Might be worth checking if using any of my recipes .
Take ….
1 Bramley apple, peeled and chopped into small pieces
1 eating  apple,  peeled and chopped finely

Toss in
3 tsp lemon  juice
I tsp cinnamon

Set aside

Cream together
2 oz marg/butter
3 oz castor sugar

1 egg
Beat well

Lastly fold in
4 oz SR flour,
 a little at a time and a
Splash of milk,
 to create a dropping consistency.
To Assemble
Grease the dish well and sprinkle sugar (brown or white) over the base.
Cover the base with the chopped apple mixture.
Drizzle Maple Syrup or Honey over the apples (amount to your taste)
Spoon the sponge mix evenly over the apples and smooth out with a fork
There should be just enough to cover the apple thinly.

Bake  for  about 30 mins … topping should be firm to the touch and golden brown

Useful Notes
Types of flour and methods of measuring vary from country to country. I have realized that you probably don’t have Self Raising flour  in the US so use All Purpose, with a little raising agent as though you were making a cake.
4oz is ½  cup 3oz is about 1/3cup …A US ½ stick of butter is 2oz  …hope that’s a help.

Double the  quantities above for a 8” square dish …for  a larger family …mine served 3 adults and 2 kids …I like it warm with custard but cream would be nice too. Best eaten when warm, on the day it is baked.

Use any apples but I like the mix of a cooker that breaks down and an eater that stays in shape. If you have pears then use them instead …good way to use autumnal fruit as I remember Mum making one with brambles picked in the woods instead of the eating apple but she always used Bramley cooking apples in it …maybe because we had a tree in the garden. They break down quickly creating an apple sauce texture so use any variety that softens well if Bramleys are not around.

Have fun …hope it works for you. xx


Peter said...

Eve's Pudding is well named... full of temptation of a most enjoyable kind! I am amused to note the the recipe is an autumnal one,the time of year Americans call Fall! My heart was melting when I read the recipe, and...I cannot resist it! I will buy apples, butter, flour, (lemons I already have), and I will bake this delicious pudding as the sun dips over the horizon! Pxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, like this recipe - the amounts are small enough for this two-people household. I think I could use a sugar substitute for the apples and Half Spoon or similar for the sponge. I'm always trying to find desserts that we would both enjoy but that could be adapted for me. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

weaverpat said...

Sounds delicious. I like that the recipe makes a small amount, good for two people with a little left over.
We do have self-rising flour hee in the US. It's very popular in the south for making biscuits, which here resemble scones.

Carmen said...

Sounds so yummy. I love apple sponges. Will definitely be having a go at this!

Rian said...

Shozzy, you mention 'sponge'... is this just the cake part of the recipe? Is it an actual sponge cake consistency which is similar to an angel food cake?

Ann said...

Your post brought back happy memories of childhood for me, making our version of this recipe with my sister to have after Sunday lunch. I even think I can smell the apples now :)

Tamika said...

When you photograph it like that it looks quite neat! Tamika #14