Friday, September 21, 2012

Cats Flying High

To any doubters who read my blog...yes we do have 20 cats.
Just thought you feline lovers out there might enjoy the antics of a few more of our moggies, when experiencing dried Cat Nip leaves for the first time.
 This is TOTO ...he could not quite work out how he felt.

 MISTY wonders if he is alright ...and they are not close friends normally
 MARVELLA sure loved munching the leaves
 SID joined in too
RUSTY and WILLOW look on
 WILLOW enjoyed a munch in the end, but her legs gave out.. bless her ...happy and high
 CHINA brother Sid ... was so chilled out and the cover became her NBF.
Take Care xx


Rian said...

Angie, Love the pics! Especially love the look on China's face. Isn't it strange how catnip affects them ('some' of them... as I've had a few cats that it doesn't seem to phase)?

Annie said...

What gorgeous pics Angie. Thanks for sharing.
A x

Morning's Minion said...

I never tire of admiring the cat tribe--and they are so individual in their reaction to catnip--too funny!

Mary said...

The pictures are wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Shozzy
I make crochet sausages and fill them with stuffing and cat nip, our cats play with them all the time.

YOu can spot a couple in the WII pictures.

Lucky you, I'd love 20 cats.

What about the fur, I know that we have what we call prairie balls all the time, large lumps of fur from the fluffy one's littering the floors.
But for all the mess, I could never part with them.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I'm glad you can sort out which cat is which - I have enough trouble with people's names these days! A charming company of cats.


What can I say, but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. All so very gorgeous.

Peter said...

An adorable family! I see that your Willow is a bit like our Nigella Stopit! Pxx

Anonymous said...

Angie, 20 cats! And I thought our barnyard was overflowing! {smile} Lovely pics, thank you for sharing. (ps - we have 2 cats, love them!)

Alison said...

Love all the moggie shots Angie, they're adorable!
Alison xx

JoZart said...

Fab pics and I am amazed you have so many cats!! Wow! I knew you had a few but didn't realise just how many. I'm both stunned and very proud of you!
love Jo x

fairy thoughts said...

I hope you get your mojo back for crafting soon
janet #9

MaggieC said...

20 cats! Wow! Things were chaotic enough with three, and even worse now with two dogs. How do you every get a chance to craft among all those. xx Maggie

SueH said...

What amazing photos Angie, your little furry friend look to be on cloud nine, or should that be cloud eleven after a good old does of cat nip.
It’s strange but it doesn’t do a thing for BoJangles and I get no reaction from him at all when I’ve given him some.