Friday, September 14, 2012

Kittens and Kids ...4th post this week ... yeah

 The kittens are growing fast …I really think we have reached saturation point now...feline wise  ….so no more....and you read it here …nature will take its course over the years to come and reduce numbers …and ... I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO BIG CUTE EYES OR TALES OF WOE any more

Kittens and boxes were made for each other....this is Kris's trainer box.

Rusty loves the kittens ….I hope the love continues after they are grown up.

 You can see the look of love in Barneby's eyes

 During my break from bloging, Kris started Big School… had to capture how cute he looked …and grown up.

  Robbie always loves going back to school …I think he misses the structured routine during the holidays …and the girls of all ages,who make a fuss of him … he has such a sweet loving nature. We try to keep a routine during holiday time but nothing goes to plan. He is finding this year harder but we will persevere …he may get extra help soon.

 Take Care xx


weaverpat said...

Your kittens and kids are all just as cute as can be!!!
Love seeing the pictures of all of them. And the ones earlier in the week of more grand-kids.
Cute the way the babies are snuggled up to Rusty. The neutered males seem to be the best babysitters.

I am so glad you are back to posting again. I missed you but know the break was necessary.
Hugs to you and your wonderful family!

Morning's Minion said...

Reduced cat numbers? I thought [hoped?] we were headed that way as 'nature' has taken its course--difficult as are the partings with our older felines.
The three drop-off kittens have brought the numbers back up--sigh. They are so cute, and so needy--and very invasive, IN each time the door is opened.
Some of us are just destined to be the keepers of cats!

JoZart said...

Well all those guys look so sweet... that includes the new school starters too.
I wonder how many times you've said "No more"?? tee hee. I know I can't take any more on with having to travel so much due to the distance of the family.
Yes! I've been to Osbourne House... but it was closed due to an event there we weren't allowed in!
So many NT places up here and also down near Brighton we have so many to visit and I love that kind of day out. Like you I also love being by the sea but I wouldn't sit on a beach for a holiday!
Love Jo x

crafty cat corner said...

Oh, how I wish we could have more cats, especially kittens but cash wont allow. Your kittens are so adorable.
Thanks for the comment on the scrumble, its funny how lots of people have not heard of it, there's plenty on the net.

I liked the ATC cards on your last post and have always fancied having a go at these but don't know how you start trading, any tips??

Carmen said...

What... no more cats ever? yeah, I'll believe that when I see it! ;)

I know what you mean about the back to school routine, Ruby was missing it towards the end of the holidays and she seriously can't wait to go full time next week.

Angie's Recipes said...

The kitten are so sweet!


Your kittens are so gorgeous. I am bonkers about cats, but think they are sooooo lovely think they are little.