Sunday, September 09, 2012

Soda Scones/rolls (aka My Mistakes) ...Very Low fat ... low sugar too

I am back …at last … with a revitalised mind ….ready to share my life and family with you all out there …just as before ….I have even done some crafting ...  but where to start???
I think I will post several times this week …all with different topics… and I will start with a recipe ….as I have just made a batch of ‘Mistakes’ this morning.

Let me explain ......
I can make my scones with my eyes shut …and maybe that was the problem. …. several weeks ago  I was trying to make cinnamon scones …a mix of my scone recipe and that of a chap who has a Tea Room, locally.
However …when they were in the oven I realized that I had not rubbed in any margarine. …a big oops
My ‘Waste not’ mentality did not allow me to remove them from the oven and bin them …,I had to finish the cooking of them….after all the seagulls seem to eat anything around here.
To my amazement they looked fine …but how could they be???
Later  I realized that they were actually similar to soda bread and so when they were cooled I tried them ….they were so yummy when spread with butter. …and even better with mashed banana … and again fantastic with bramble jelly. I am so sorry there is no photo …they were gobbled up too quickly .... as were the following
 I did however manage to snap today’s Mistakes …Garlic and Herb …which are almost fat free … and sugar free too…great for packed lunches with a slice of you favourite cheese or with homemade soup.

In case anyone wants to make my Mistakes…  here is the recipe…. tweaked  a little with each batch.

 Nanas Mistakes ….. aka ... Cinnamon  Soda Bread rolls  Prepare just over ½ pint (abt 350ml) soured  milk…( soured with 2 tbs lemon juice and left to stand for upto an hour)
Heat the oven to 200 degree C … 400 degree F …. Gas 6

Sieve together ….
450g SR flour
Pinch salt
1 heaped tsp bi-carb soda
2 rounded tsp of cream of tarter
3 tsp of caster sugar
And the seasoning …..
2 rounded tsp cinnamon …a little more if desired
1 level tsp allspice

Working fast … stir in the milk  with a round ended knife …it needs to be a wet dough so add extra milk if needed.
Turn on to a well floured board
Sprinkle top with flour
Pat out to ¾” thick and using a floured  2 1/2” cutter,( dipped in flour) make 12 rounds …place on to an oiled and lightly floured sheet and leave to stand for 2mins.

Pop in oven …cook for about 15 mins …check….when golden brown remove and check that base sounds hollow to the knock.

First  and 2nd day enjoy fresh
3rd day …toast and enjoy buttered.
They freeze well too.

Savoury ones
 Version 1 …..Season flour with black pepper ( as much as you fancy)  and  level tsp celery salt and reduce the sugar to I tsp ….great served with cheese.

Version 2 … Sugar free and very low fat as the milk I used is semi skimmed …
Use 1 tbs of white vinegar to sour the milk and leave to stand for a few hours at room temperature …stir in 1tsp garlic puree when soured … Add oregano ( dried or fresh, to your taste) and  a little black pepper to the flour mix for the seasoning and add NO sugar..

They are really worth a try ...and so cheap to make.

It feels so good to be back
Take Care xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, nice to see you back and feeling revived - you've been missed :)

Those scones look delicious and I like that there is very little sugar in them, even the sweet variety, so will have to give them a try.

Elizabeth xx

Carmen said...

Waaaaaaaaaaw - you're back and with a post to make my mouth water! Will def have a try at those!

Looking forward to your other posts this week :)

Annie said...

Welcome back....and with such a yummy post too :-)
A x


Welcome back Angie. The scones look great, I love cinnamon. Look forward to reading your posts - it can be hard work blogging every day. Hope you have a good week.

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