Monday, September 10, 2012

Post 2 …..House/Cat sitting

My blog break started when my creative mojo had joined the foreign legion and I had to go over to my son’s house to cat sit his three felines while he and his family went to Ireland. The total silence …except for the TV and me talking to the cats and myself, was amazingly de-stressing ….even my leg swelling problems seemed to disappear. My knees however, complained about the height of their sofa …and it did not improve with time, as my DS had informed me it would, after witnessing my first attempt to extricate my old over weight body from its clutches.
 Cooking for just me and eating when I wanted to, was relaxing even though I ate too much as the fridge and freezer were well stocked…. And it was so nice not to think of other peoples eating likes and dislikes.

 I took knitting, doodling, and the where for all to create my first ATC’s…more of this on a later post. So glad I did because it rained every day…most was heavy precipitation  and going out without transport was not an option….well  not for me anyway.
These are the three felines I looked after ….
Harley … she took almost the whole two weeks to tolerate my presence

This is her son Totoro (the b& w) …named by Ben and Jake, after a character in a Japanese cartoon they love….he is so tolerant of everything…..and Ivy, her daughter from her last litter…such a nice temperament …and she is mother to  our Barnaby and Ellie.

 Seeing Jake, Ben  and Olly was wonderful  …even though it was only a day at each end of their holiday.
Jake’s operation site is now infection free but they will not really know how successful it all has been for maybe a year because of the effect of the terrible infection in that area.
When  Emma had to check Jake’s face and trim a stitch end, he thought it was going to hurt and cried so hard that he broke into a sweat …I stroked his hair and pushed it away from his forehead. It stayed like it …he looked so cute …just like a youngster from the fifties …so I has to grab a shot after he had stopped crying  and realized that Daddy was telling the truth about it not hurting.

 Olly is growing up fast …he was two on the 9th ...and is almost as tall as his brothers.

 And Ben and Jake are little posers ….this hug was staged by Ben, as soon as I said the words ‘Can I take your photo‘….such different personalities too.

 And then finally my photo with the boys ... DS said 'Big Hugs'....just look at poor Olly's face lol.
More Cats and Kids to come ...and some crafting for Wednesday maybe.
Thanks for dropping by ... and a big thankyou to anyone who has time to leave a comment ...I really love reading them.
Take care xx


Emma said...

Olly's face in that last photo is hilarious! I think it just sums up his whole attitude towards life :)

Carmen said...

Gorgeous photos - the boys are all growing up so fast! Love the ones at the bottom with you :)

Ann said...

Good to see recent photos of you and your family. Lovely boys....and cats too :)

Wanda..... said...

An e-mail came in showing your comment and visit to my blog, which I have been absent from this summer. Hope to remedy that soon. Your very cute grandsons have grown so much and your de-stressing time is similar to what I've been doing, Angie!

Rian said...

Your family pics are wonderful.
Such cute boys! And sounds like you enjoyed your house/cat-sitting adventure.