Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who needs to spend money ...when you have the sea on your doorstep

It is such fun watching the young play ...and make discoveries ...thought I would share these from a visit to the beach last week when their cousin came to stay.... a very cheap afternoon ...we even took our own drinks lol

and lastly I love this effect on the sea, from the sun, .... looks like fireflies or fairies riding on the tiny creasts ...click on picture to see what I mean.
Take Care xx


weaverpat said...

Diamonds floating on water!
They boys look like they are having a wonderful time. Playing in the sand and water is one of the true joys of childhood.

crafty cat corner said...

Too often we think there is a better place if we travel when usually there is an equal nearby.
We are lucky like you to have the sea and the country both within a 5 min drive.
I love to watch the little one's, everything is so wonderful to them isn't it?

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved your bejeweled ocean and what is more entertaining than kids at the seashore.
Makes me want to get sand between my toes.

crafty cat corner said...

Hi, it's me again,
Just thinking about what you said regarding learning to crochet.
I crochet as you knit, that is, I hold the yarn and hook in right hand and work in left, then I put the yarn over the hook as if knitting and pull through. This is the way Tom is doing it.
I can't do it the conventional way.
Try it.