Monday, July 25, 2011

OK ….I’m Hooked ..

If you have tried Promarkers, with no success and they are now languishing at the back of your cupboard …read on …and maybe give them one more airing.

I was having serious doubts, to be honest, as to whether I really was a Promarker Gal. I had found plenty of uses for them, other than colouring in, so felt that I had not actually wasted my money, but I really could not get to grips with it …to my satisfaction.

I was always going over the edge and although others said that the blender acts somewhat as a rubber …it did nothing for my mistakes …. and any thing delicate didn’t stand a chance.There also seems to be at least two ways of shading …I tried the demonstrators way, of using three close shades of a particular colour but my result really did not seem quite right, although I think if I was more of an artist and also practiced more, I might have got there in the end….but for me that was not soon enough.

On Saturday I went to our crop and everything fell into place for the first time.

I decided to pick the brains of the ladies there …why didn’t I do that before I really have no idea. First I was told to use layers of one colour to create the shading instead. …this was SO MUCH easier … and then someone reminded that I was given a couple of the NEW Promarker fine tips, at the last visit from ‘Angel Crafts’. I unearthed them from the bottom of my Tote and put them to use …. THEY ARE FANTASTIC …a life saver for all those of us who are clumsy colourers …not sure of the pen size equivalent but I would guess, 0.2 .

The only slight problem is that sometimes they are hard to remove.

You will need at least one for every colour group, to prevent any chance of contamination when you forget to scribble out the left over colour in the nib …or if you are rich … a second set of pens, all fitted with the new tip…lol

The other big differences that day were that I was using a new card stock…a smooth 290g…. wow what a difference. I have also got some 160g to try in the printer, for down loaded images….thanks for all the tips ladies …especially the ironing of the image, one.The other difference …well this time I was using a stamped image and The Impress Ink pad seems to be perfect for these … so far. It seems that …like a lot of other things in life... you need the right information and tools.

While messing around, I made a discovery though … probably old news to you experts out there but I shall pass it on any way… in case it is useful to someone….

This is for when colouring an animal or something that needs texture ….I found that after I had finished with my layering of the desired colour, if I then covered the area again, with a much lighter tone ….using tiny circular movements …a furry appearance developed as it dried.

Now I KNOW these are not perfect but considering it’s the first time everything was sort of right at the same time…I’m quite pleased …and you can see my furry effect … I’m sure it will improve with practice …hopefully not too much practice .lol.

Take Care xx

PS … TIP …If your eyes are not good in low light …. don’t forget to read what colour you are using … I ended up with an Olive Green Cat !! lol


crafty cat corner said...

You've really captured that furry look, great.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, many thanks for all these tips - every one a gem. Like the furry look too - got that effect before but it's usually been accidental and unwanted! Now it will be deliberate :) Because of the way the ProMarker ink seems to flood the card, when I'm colouring with them I try not to colour right up to the stamped lines leaving a hairline uncoloured - the ink ususally seeps over to fill it in. Elizabeth x

weaverpat said...

All this card making and stamping is making me think I should get out my unused and long-neglected rubberstamps and do something creative. Or maybe I should donate them to someone who would appreciate them instead.

I loved the post about going to the craft shop and the history of the Robinson Crusoe (sp?) story. What a delightful little town!

Has that dear little kitty recovered from her ordeal? I hope she received special treats to help her feel better.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am not familiar with them but love the effects you got.