Friday, July 22, 2011

Lost and found …a Tale for Cat Softies.

Madison is one of our older cats being now eleven. In her younger days she was the Alpha female..taking over the role of her grandmother Georgie, who lived to the ripe old age of 21. She is an indoor cat and shows little interest in the out side world. She is a silent cat, only crying when accidently stood on, and like Georgie, she never meows.

Today she disappeared …the front door had been open to take delivery of a skip …much needed after yet another de-clutter … and there was a lot of noise. Usually she would run in the opposite direction to that loud a sound and we certainly did not see her exit the premises but she was certainly absent for breakfast and still there was no sign of her by the afternoon. Every room and wardrobe was carefully searched but there still was no sign. I thought I heard some scratching a couple of times but put it down to one or other of our numerous felines, in a litter tray. I walked up and down the garden calling her melodic name …’Maddie Paddy Paws’ in the hope that it would lure her home. Thoughts of her actually under the skip started to filter in and were hard to push away.

When DD came in from work she repeated the journey around the house and garden and came to the same conclusion …she was not anywhere inside and we would have to wait to see if she came back …not sure how, but she said that she had checked under the skip too.

It was now nearly half past nine and there was a heavey cloud of sadness hanging over us …several of the cats had not been themselves all day either…but then Vicki heard the scratching for herself. It only lasted a few moments but she managed to pinpoint its location …behind a large cupboard in the kitchen. She mounted a ladder to see if there was any way Madison could get behind it and decided that there was just enough space if the animal was scared and determined enough but not enough space to facilitate rescue or to allow her to climb out her self or even move. Jay rushed to get her toolbox and by carefully working at the problem, and calmly taking to Madison,whom we assumed was there, the back of the cupboard was eventually removed and a petrified hungry cat with damaged claws, released.

All’s well that ends well ….thankgoodness.

Take Care xx

PS This is Maddie ...after the ordeal


weaverpat said...

OMG!! Isn't it amazing what they will get themselves into when they are scared! I'm so glad she didn't get outside and lost.
I bet she was glad to get out and to the food bowl after all that time!

Little Button Girl said...

Nope, Im Lea - I think I need to get OH to have a look!x

crafty cat corner said...

I know that feeling so well when one of the cats is absent for longer than an hour or so.
My heart goes into overdrive and my mind conjures up all sorts of situations that they might be in.
Usually they come sauntering in as much as to say, 'what's the problem'.
Ours go out in the early morning and generally stay in for the rest of the day. The door is open most of the day but they are happy to be in with us.

Morning's Minion said...

A cat gone missing is always cause for alarm here. We have an old one [Raisin] who likes to hide and then not "answer" when called.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh my, I am so glad that had a happy ending. Losing a pet and not knowing is just the worst. Bet she got lots of loving.

Rosebark said...