Monday, July 18, 2011

A Rude Awakening

Mug shots of the culprit

As most of you know I now have a bedroom and craft room combined …well on Saturday night I gave in to Mika’s pleading eyes and let him come in to sleep. He is not a problem cat so I thought I was safe … HOWEVER…

at 2.15 am I was woken by the sound of him leaping from unit to unit while cursing a huge moth that appeared to be always one step a head of him … he then lost his footing …unfortunately while balanced on a pile of Really Useful boxes sitting on top of one of the units … and managed to bring them and a few of the surrounding smaller, pen/pencil containing boxes, crashing to the ground … and a few things managed to reach the bed.

at 2.30am it was now ME cursing as I had to then pick up all the contents that managed to empty themselves over the floor and bed …Mika, needless to say, was ejected forcefully from the room, which I later felt guilty about as I think he was in shock …and as for the moth …it fell asleep on the ceiling!

I will be posting something crafty next time....prommise.

Take care xx


weaverpat said...

Mika's mug shots are pretty darn cute. I think the jury will declare him innocent. The moth is the guilty one!
No fun having one's art supplies scattered! Or having to awake in the early morning to such a mess.
And poor Mika- banished!

Morning's Minion said...

Oh yes--cats who go bump in the night!

crafty cat corner said...

Nothing worse than being woke up in the night. Ours are all ready to go out as soon as it starts getting light and if we leave them they all start tussling and running up and down the stairs. This is happening at around 4.30a.m. at the moment.
Bring on the dark mornings.....,,.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Mika! I'm sure he was just as scared as you! Stupid moth. Maybe Mika can come back in the bedroom tonight? Give him a kiss on the nose for me. :-) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today Angie. ~ Hugs xo ~ Rhonda