Sunday, July 10, 2011

A step too far ...maybe.

Well I have been playing with my new toy ...haven't done an actual project yet ...just getting used to it ...and cutting out shapes for DD who is on a mission to make as many Xmas cards as she can while she has some mojo.
What it had done though is kick started some creativeness and I found myself messing about with a tag and inks and stamps.
First I smeared 2 shades of Distress ink over it ...then used 2 sizes of bubble wrap to create a background pattern...I like to cover both back and front with something ...


Then I stamped ... and played with some metalic rubs that I found during my sort out ...forget what they are called as th packaging has long gone ... it is hard to see the subtle effect in the photo.

At this point I was happy with the result and should have left well alone .... but my new toy was begging to be used ... so I embossed it.

At this point I began to think I might have done more than was needed

but then .... I gave it a smear of white ... to highlight things ....not sure why ...I just had the pad in my hands ... and I really think this was the step too far .... but it gives it a wintery feel and I think I still like it .....

but even if I dont ... it was such fun experimenting ...something I rarely do ...and getting inky ...and feeling actually creative .... and a little arty lol

Take care xx


Carmen said...

I like it with that white - you're right - it feels wintry and snowy.

You're doing more creatively than me at the moment ;)

SueH said...

I don’t think you’ve gone too far at all with your tag Angie, I love the texture of the embossing and the White really adds that extra dimension.

Thanks for stopping by this week and Happy Crafting!

Julia Dunnit said...

I like it very much Angie, and I like the idea that you've set out to play rather than with an agenda to do something specific- has to be good for the mojo. That and a new toy of course!! Especially with htese layers of ink and image style things, I think knowing when to stop is more of a skill than any of the techniques, so I think you must rejoice that you have arrived at a nice finish. Mine usually look like mud pies!

weaverpat said...

I've tried several times to leave a comment but Blogger is on strike!

I loved the tag before the embossing, but the added embelishments made it much more artistic. Just lovely!!!

butlersabroad said...

Think I prefer it before the embossing and the white.... but that's just me as I really love the colours you've used on it.