Sunday, July 24, 2011

In search of a craft shop ... by way of Robinson Crusoe

Just a warning ...this is another of my long .... picture heavy ...but informative ?? posts lol get your self a coffe first xx

I have lived here in Fife for 6 years now and have found that there are very few craft shops within easy reach of a non-driver so I usually buy on line as it gives me a better choice. To my surprise however, while looking for something else on the net, I turned up a craft shop that had apparently been around for quite some time, in a coastal village a short bus ride and walk away, that I had not visited either. It was difficult to work out what kind of crafts it concentrated on so there was only one answer …go and find out …and have a look around the village of Lower Largo …camera in hand of course.

As I got off the bus I was met with this

This Inn was established in 1749

and this hotel is named after Robinson Crusoe …the character created by Daniel Defoe.

Pre Beeching …when there was still a coastal rail network, the trains would pass over this viaduct …high above the village….

Lord Beeching had a lot to answer for, as his axing of lines in the early 1960’s, caused the death of many small communities all over the UK.

Crusoe, mentioned earlier, was based on Alexander Selkirk, who was born on Main street in 1676 and I found where his house had actually once stood … very easily really, as there is a Statue on the front of the house that stands there now.

I have read that he deserved to be cast a shore to survive, alone, on an island for over 4 years and in contradiction to this, that he actually asked to be left behind as he felt the ship was unseaworthy .... but there are so many accounts of this man that it is hard to decide the truth….even his name has been recorded in at least two ways.

The streets were narrow and picturesque …this is main street

and this is taking a turning off

but I am not sure that I would want this at the end of my garden!!

The beach was quiet and someone had wished their Mum a happy birthday in the sand

but returning to the high street ...I came across this

And HAD to find out more …me being me.

It is the work of a local artist who was inspired by the carvings he had seen on a visit to Lithuania. This amazing sculpture was carved in oak but why, I wondered, was it standing there on a patch of grass next to the road and over looking the sea. Apparently the carver of this work of art lives opposite and the area of grass is part of his garden !!. …in fact on the way back to the bus I noticed this gate, which I can only think is his as it stands in the right position.


This is the Craft shop,

.....which I found, concentrated on patchwork but sewing in general was its main theme. There were beads and interesting bits and pieces … and the supplies to make cards of many kinds but sadly little for the scrapper. One of the most interesting things was that she gives lesson in patchwork, for beginners, at a very reasonable rate … something I must seriously consider, for the near future.

Hanging on the wall was the most beautiful quilt made by one of her past students …it was patched, appliqu├ęd and quilted …all by hand. …and was being raffled for charity …I had to buy a ticket of course, even though I will never win. …but some one must and it just might be me lol.

They also have an area where you can enjoy a beverage and a scone and it was here that the very chatty and charming proprietor of the craft shop related all that I needed to know about the local artist and his creation and the lessons in Patchwork. I left refreshed, with some card to use for stamping and colouring … and a good knowledge of their stock.

Mission accomplished.

Take Care xx


Wanda..... said...

Really enjoyed your trip to the craft shop and the views of the village. The oak sculpture overlooking the beach and the artist's unusual gate were beautiful. Lovely post!

Julia Dunnit said...

I enjoyed that..any mission like that is perfect for me - fascinating about the carving chap...wonderful work and I love his gate! I did a patchwork/quilt class locally and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and it taught me things I did not know about fabric and sewing, so very enjoyable.

Arkansas Patti said...

What an interesting trip and that gate was incredible.
How nice to have found a shop relatively close to you.
Glad you bought a ticket. Someone has to win, it could be you.

akilli melek said...

looks like a worthwhile trip, even if there is a lack of scrapbooking stash. Might pop up for a wander myself, I like finding nice tearooms ;-)
There is a craft shop in Alloa, not far from the train station that does lots of scrapbooking. It is called crafted creations. Although she doesnt do on-line ordering I have found her really helpful when i pop down to the unit for something. This is her link if you need directions

thanks for popping by earlier, just getting round to some WOYWW time now
caroline #50

Helen said...

What a fab day out! It looks a really pretty, charming place.