Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas has Arrived ...

It was at last the long awaited Christmas Crop..... which started with Apple and Cinnamon Muffins made by Vicki..... eaten with glee and coffee/tea on arrival. Sadly there were only 18 of us due to illness and prior commitments but everyone was there to have a great time.
As it is DD crop, she organized it all and made everyone a vintage ATC style name tag with their raffle ticket on the back, Jane thought up all the games, while I dealt with the food. I try to organize a buffet that will suit everyone ... most had two platefuls. I was so glad to see this as I had over catered as usual .... guess what we are eating today lol. Then some of the ladies brought cakes ... there were so many yummy ones that 'she who is a cake addict' had to try every single one and nearly felt sick ...note the 'nearly' lol but my favourite was the 'cheat cheese cake'...must get the recipe as it was AMAZING ....or was it the lemon drizzle or maybe the double choc and cherry cup cakes or .............????

We had so many different games, going on all day ( (9.30 -600) from 'Bingo' and 'Pass the Parcel' to 'Decorating a Stocking' ... all with great prizes ... 2 'make and take' classes, a Raffle and a Secret Santa where one of the members little boy and his friend, handed the presents out, Ahhhhhh, and not forgetting a Lucky Dip which made sure everyone received at least 2 gifts to go home with.
I was chuffed that I won the 'Price is Right' main prize of a pack Cordinations Chocolate Box card stock ...not too easy as it was the price that was paid in the UK, which was then turned into dollars ... as of the exchange rate on Friday.
Everyone said they had had a wonderful day, and the team wished the members a Happy Christmas as they left ...some leaving with very full arms of prizes. The last job was to tidy up and pack away ...I was excused this as my back was aching ..... I didn't protest lol.We were all shattered by the time we got home but it was worth it.

Today I have done nothing except chill and blog....and doze ...and eat leftovers....and incase you want to know ...I'm the one with the Xmas alice band on, in the first photo lol

Take Care xx


Kay said...

Sounds like a fab day, well done to DD for all her hard work, and you too for all your help

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh, sounds FAB! Lots of work but if it turns out so well, am sure it was well worth.. OVer catered eh? Easy innit, and am so glad you managed to sample all the cakes..would've been rude not to!

Jocelyn said...

Oh sounds like sooooo much fun!! I adore the pics!!!

I would have tried all the sweets toooo!!! My favorites!!!

So glad to hear that you are resting too...I have been decorating for Christmas and I am tuckered out!!

Have a great week!!! :-)

my5bratz said...

sounds like a fantastic day for all :)

Morning's Minion said...

In spite of two holiday feasts this week I am lusting after the muffins and cakes and such. I'm not a big eater, but I love the baked goods that go so well with a mug of tea.
I should think you deserve a good rest after the flurry of catering and all the Christmas projects.

JoA said...

Thank you Angie for all the yummy food at the crop on Saturday. It was wonderful and we appreciate all your hard work and planning. Thank all the rest of the team too for their superb organisation. We all had such a fun day. Well done to you all and a Mery Christmas to all the team. Jo x

Pam said...

Oh what fun you have at your crop!!
the cheesecake sounds good too-hope you post the recipe here!

Carmen said...

Sounds like amazing fun Angie :D I am drooling at the sound of all those cakes so am glad you sampled them all for us who couldn't be there :D

Thanks for your genius suggestion of updating my angels each year! I stocked up on more angels to put away today ;)