Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 25 ... WOYWW

Firstly I need to apologize to all those of you kind people who have awarded me awards over the past few weeks ....I am so rubbish about following them through ... please believe me that I am so chuffed when I am awarded them but feel it is a cheat to accept them until I fulfil the tasks and links and that is the part I am rubbish with. I am sorting the food for DD Xmas Crop on the 28th, so I have been a little preoccupied this week ... I will have a little time afterwards to get some sorted .. in between making cards ...again please accept my apology.

Now to WOYWW?

Well the answer is a big fat NOTHING ... not just no LO's and no cards not even 'no mess' .... as you can't make a mess with NOTHING. All that was left was the plastic table cover ...which was removed 10 secs after the photo.

The answer is .... Christmas is coming .... DD was on a mission .......... Xmas decorations are to be put up ... they have been already unearthed from the attic and under stairs cupboard and also there is the fact that we
will need to eat at the table and we are actually having friends around over the festive period. Everything is now set for wrapping and sorting presents. Yes all the pressies have been purchased ....I think!!!!
This all means that my area has had to be dismantled and my bits moved up to the craft room .....which was the middle bedroom. CRAFT ROOM ... I hear you shout ... So why don't I normally craft up there ???? ...I hear you add. Well ... have any of you tried to scrap in a trio when two ladies are tidy and creative while the third is messy, chaotic and needs two tables worth in space when on a roll and is protective of her choice of papers.(That's me of course) We tend to share the paints, inks etc and then have our own papers and bits .... but even those we do share too.
Hopefully I do manage to make the rest of my cards ... and the next few weeks WOYWW will be coming from ... The Craft Room lol

It is so windy and wet here ... so very different from yesterday. DD and I had a shopping day and a meal out ... nothing exotic ....traditional basic food yummy and warming. I actually bought a jacket/coat and a smart jumper ... can't remember when I last bought an out door jacket ... I tend to make do nowadays and only replace when the item of clothing has died. DD asked THAT question about my beloved fleece jacket ... How old is that?' Does it matter's still fine' ... I retorted with a little guilt as I am sure it is well over fifteen years old lol It is like an old friend so I am keeping it .... the new one is a smarter garment and will be slowly broken in.

I'm off to sort the freezer as I have filled it with rolls and bread as normal ....forgetting it is Xmas and that means nice treat food and joints have to be stored in it ... think of me in the cold leaking garage!!!!

Take Care xx


Kaz said...

Oh Angie your table looks like my desk last week!
I am excitedly waiting to see your craft room next week x

Linda Elbourne said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the new venue ... please leave good directions so we can find it :0)
I LOVE all your planning ... I am still in denial ... I am sooooo not ready ... bet you wore your fleece out to the freezer ... not the sort of job you do in a new outdoor garment me thinks ... I truly am excited about next week ... I can't wait X

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Angie how totally impressive, you are SO on the ball! Chrsitmas presents all done! I'm doing a bit of a Linda really, and pretending I've got ages!! Love that you can WOYWW a perfectly clear desk. I wonder if I'll ever achieve such impressive-dom!
The fleece thing - I replaced one recently...made me realise that the old onehad lost it's warmth-ability, the difference was incredible..thought I was having some seriously nasty hot flushes!!

Anonymous said...

Lol - makes a nice change to see a perfectly empty desk - leaves alot of scope for the imagination thinking what was on there - and what could be on there (or rather the craft room) real soon. Is Christmas coming or something - I have yet to purchase even one pressie as it just doesn't feel Christmassy yet to me. Looking forward to seeing the craft room xx Shell xx

Carmen said...

Oh I'm so behind it's not funny. Did some more shopping tonight though so am getting there. Can't ait to see your craft room :D

And sssssshhhh you! You were the only one who picked up on my telepathic need to stir :D I got to it just in time, it was yummy in the end. I had two bowls piggy that I am ;)

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like you girls are on the ball....presents all purchased and waiting for wrapping...oh dear I am in trouble!!!

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!! :-)

Morning's Minion said...

I am vastly impressed by the tidy work table. My sewing desk and the end of the ironing board are laden with another quilt project. I'm having to concede that I started too late and it won't be done til after Christmas. I have sewed until I am aching and grumpy. Jemima, the little girl cat, slipped into the closet last evening when I was rummaging bits of fabric. Some time later I heard a muffled mewing and noticed a small brown paw poking under the closed door.

LadyBug said...

So not only is it Christmas with all the business and changes that brings it's the time to relocate you and your stash. Now you watch out those girls don't start using all your lovely PP's!!!
Newmoon was great ... again :) and the pups are luch :) they will open their eyes this weekend and the fun will start :)

Sam said...

Being the only person in this house, I know that my craft room will be exactly as I (unless the tidy fairies or ransackers get there!) so I do sympathise.

By the way I never used to like ribbon as I didn't know what to do with it, but I was building up rather a collection so I HAD to begin using it! ;-)