Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nearly missed WOYWW 22

IIWA ...convinced it was Tuesday when I arose from my slumbers ... but have had to face facts that it really is Wednesday. So what have I done craft wise ....nothing fact I have done very little at all ... except catch up with the washing ... my get up and go has totally gone ...I think it is all this gloomy weather. We have had our light on for most of the day today.

Now what about my craft area ... well I did attempt to sort of tidy it, ready to think about Xmas Cards ...I even found some papers lurking in the wrong place I need to have a good look for the rest ...determined that I am not to buy any this year ... and sort out stamps and embellishments too and maybe the odd peel off. It's the only time I use them and I do have quite a lot still they have a 'shelf life' ??? I fear my resolve not to buy papers will crumble as somehow new stash kick starts the mojo ...we will see ... but I am going to have a ramble through every ones blogs to ignite my creativity as I know so many of you have made some stunning cards this year.
When I tided the this morning I left the bag of rubbish behind ...... Willow adopted it it !!

Now for something a little different ... something for you dog lovers out there.

Yesterday I popped in, with camera, to see my friends puppies ...8 week old Boxers ...the mum had a litter of 6 ... all boys and today they start to go to their new homes. It was strange yet pleasing to see them with their tails longer can they be docked. She has mixed feelings about it as she says that they are fragile tails attached to heavy ...sometimes stupid ... dogs and they can get injured easily and cause problems. Here are some photos .... a bit of an over load .... sorry. ...........

Proud Mum ...Poppy
The one they are keeping as their oldest is now nearly 13 and old for a Boxer. !!

These tails are fun!! ...especially when its not yours

Shoe laces are for playing with (these are still attached to me lol)

Their daughters are so good with them

Time for a rest..... ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Hope you enjoyed the photos ..

Take Care xx


Linda Elbourne said...

Ohhhhh Angie ... I remember that lovely bin on your desk but after that I just turned to mush ... how cute are those puppies ... adorable ... and I always wanted a white boxer .... awwww - thank you so much for sharing X

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Angie - tidy...but full of promise! Love those rub ons..and the little box of little inks - what pleasure to open and spy the colours each time. Lovely. Those puppies are almost too lovely..wonder how your cats would feel....!

Carmen said...

Gorgeous puppies, boxer doggie pups are sooooo cute. I thought tail docking was a nono now too but when we bought Cooper his tail was docked. We never asked it to be - we bought him at a bird show of all places! :P

Kaz said...

I'm sorry Angie, but your desk is totally overshadowed by those puppies. Thhey are soo cute.

Desk is too tidy though. What are those swirl stamps? xx

Ann said...

A good mosey around blogland and your ideas will start flowing - no need to buy new papers - says I, who bought new Christmas stamps this year!
Your desk pic is overshadowed by the gorgeous puppies, but I guess you knew that would happen!
Thanks for the e-mail ;)

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Ooooo nice tidy desk But
aahhhhhhhhhhhcutie patootie pupsters :D
J xx

Sam said...

what a fab desk - I love the cat in one corner and the duck in the other!! ;-) and those puppies....? oh so very cute!

Susie Sugar said...

Nice and tidy Ang , and I love those little SU ink pads very sweet and the rubber ducky awwwww so cute
Love Susie xx

Hazel said...

Glad I popped along to see all your gorgeous photos - soooo cute and lovely x

Morning's Minion said...

We must be kindred souls although I make quilts and you work magic with photos and pretty papers. Quilts in progress remain on my sewing desk for quite a while and there is often a cat nesting in the heap.
Willow is a lovely creature!

LadyBug said...

What a lovely neat and tidy desk! sure to get your mojo flowing :) don't rush into buying new christmas stash I did and regret it. I don't like what i bought :(
Loving the puppy overload :) they are beautiful, it's funny to think they are just eight weeks. they are the same size as my lot full grown :) my babiesa re due in two weeks then you'll get puppy overload from me as well :)

Jocelyn said...

Ohhhhh Angie... I have been in the same place as you....thank goodness we can connect on this!!!! Love the pics of the puppies....I WANT ONE!!!!! I have always adored Boxers!!!!! Love your pic of your work place.... wishing you a wonderful day....sweet friend!!! :-)

Claireliz said...

Awwww! I want those puppies!!! so cute.
The duck on your desk reminded me that theres a family of ducks on mine somewhere that need to be altered.

my5bratz said...

arent they ADORABLE..I want one!!!

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