Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It really is Week 24 of WOYWW

Here I am and its only morning still. I have to apologise for being a tardy blogger and blopper but I am so absorbed in my FH . The cousin I am corresponding with (if that is the correct term when using emails) is Diana and we have worked out that she is my 3rd cousin once removed ...we think !!!! It is such fun knowing that there is family out there matter how distant. I now realize that some names I have seen as I trawled records, were actually part of my family even though I didn't know it at the time ...and often I would stop and have another look and wonder.

Well I have to admit that FINALLY my work area has got too untidy even for me and maybe I need to follow in JD's footsteps and have a deep clean. Part of me, however, says just move things but if I do that some other bits will fall off the edge ...afew have leapt off already ....maybe I will tidy a little at least ...but then that does not help me find what I have lost under the piles that surround the mat. I couldn't find any of my 3 pokey tools and had to use the end of my sharp scissors.
I really could not show the whole desk here is just the mat area again ... sorry ... I'm a coward ....

I have taken some shots of the first 5 cards I made for Xmas ....must do more cards ASAP now that I have actually found some card blanks ...hidden in the wrong box !

They are quite simple but I am happy with them....cant believe I managed to be creative this week ... in between FH lol

They have warned us that gale force winds and heavy rain are expected but at the moment the Autumn sun is streaming in and... unlike yesterday.... not a black cloud in sight ...just pale blue sky punctuated with fluffy white clouds.

Take care xx


Milliesmarvels said...

Your cards are lovely and I think you were very brave showing your messy desk, I chickened out and tidied mine!

Carmen said...

Oh we definitely have the wind here. I looked like Jamie Affro but not so styled when I got back in from the school run this morning!!

Loving the look of your desk, is that duckie giving off that glow?

Your family history sounds like it's going well, are you going to go back and relook at all those name you accidentally passed over?

Yvonne said...

Very organised desk this week .
How interestingfinding family..keep saying one day i will look for mine .
Love the cards you have made x

Julia Dunnit said...

Would that be the sun and the righteous thing then?!!! Your desk is looking fab..I LOVE the idea of the pile s building a wall around your craft mat. And 3 pokey tools and having to resort to scissors..that's!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Simple's good anyway Angie - lovely cards :) Can never work out family relationships like 3rd cousing once removed, I used to know more when I was younger. I suppose I could check it out on t'internet :)
Anne x

Kaz said...

Aaww come on Angie, show us the rest! Is the rest of the wine gum packet on the rest of it? Notice that was the first thing I saw!
Glad you're making progress with the FH

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Ang I see you are getting ahead with your Christmas cards I havent started mine yet !! lol your desk looks busy this week
see you next week
Hugs Susie xx

LadyBug said...

Lovely Chrimbo cards!! we also have the wind here! it's strong enough to blow you off the island :)
(we also have some little ones, they arrived Monday)

Morning's Minion said...

I especially like the card with "Peace" on it--for me, simple is beautiful.
It is so exciting to get new bits of a family puzzle and it surely does mean going back over the records for missed clues. My lack of organization [that dreadful "O" word] means that I go back to review material I have already read--[what did that cryptic note in the margin of my notebook have to do with MY family, for heaven's sake.] When I am delving deep into a particular family line, it all makes sense, then I go on to something else and, returning, have to immerse myself in that family and sort them again. I do have Family Tree Maker software and typically, haven't taken the time to learn how it functions. Meanwhile, the piles of notebooks totter and the scraps of paper float around the desk! Some of us just do work that way.

Sam said...

it is certainly very very windy at the moment - not as bad as it was, but you never know!!

C'mon show us the rest of your desk!!! ;-)

Ann said...

Glad to hear the family history is going well. i tmust be so exciting talking to a long lost cousin in the USA!
I love your cards, simple but effective. I'm sure you've got more than 5 friends though, so you'd better keep crafting!
Your desk doesn't look too bad, but I'm joining the others in asking to see the WHOLE desk next time ;)

Jocelyn said...

I just adore the cards....they are PERFECT!!!! Sun is shining here...just a bit chilly....take care with those winds on the way!!!!! Love the pic of your desk!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!! :-)

Linda Elbourne said...

Those cards are fabulous ... I really ought to start on some ... I made one ages ago and that is ... erm ... it! Exciting stuff with your FH ... no wonder it is taking more of your time ... what a wonderful adventure X

Coffeedoff said...

Great Cards I wish I could make some! Angie I have given you an award over on my blog.

Kit said...

love the look of your work desk this week, love your christmas cards as well

Peter said...

Hi Angie,

Sorry to read that you have had trouble emailing me a picture of your tree. I've left some instructions on my site for you. If all else fails, please post a picture on your site and I'll see it over here!

Lovely cards that you make. Goodness, I must do something about cards for Christmas too. I usually leave it rather late and my poor English relatives probably get them after the big day! So, thanks for the reminder!

Best Wishes,