Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Week 26 ....the half year point for WOYWW

Good Morning ...well I think it still is ..... JD's brain child is six months old today.... Hip Hip Hurrah.
The interesting thing is that it is gathering momentum and not fizzling out. I think this is for three reasons ....we love JD, we are nosey and for us not so prolific bloggers, it makes us post at least once a week.....I think I may have said this before ...blame my grey cells

I was not sure whether I was actually going to be able to blog today as ...... when I came up to the computer ..... I found that a cat had managed to throw up on the desk, keyboard and floor !!!!!!. I assume ... by the quantity .... that it was 'eyes bigger than tummy-itis' and that the culprit stole some of the others food. Cleaning the keyboard was not a pleasant job but I hope I have rescued it. DD's lap top has died this week and we are having a visit from a 'computer doctor' tomorrow .... in case life can be breathed into it again. This would just happen before Xmas .....maybe there will be some bargains in the January sales ..... if the worst comes to the worst.

Well after the crop, like JD , not everything gets put away and other things like Christmas get in the way so I'm afraid WOYWW is an untidy mess of all our bits with no work in progress .....not even the much needed cards. I was hoping to show you the LO I created for our crop sketch challenge but DD had filed it for safety and I cannot find it lol. The wall area is DD's ..... as was the colour choice!

DD and Vicki have been working at the Xmas decor the crop is over.The mantlepiece and trees are now done but tinsle and streamers (if we do them!) have to be sorted. Thought you might like a look so far ... as the desk was a wash out.
We have put up four trees ....yep four .... as we are having some little ones round and we wanted to have an 'ooooow' effect for them.

These pictures make our room look quite large .... believe me its not.

Hopefully I will be able to do some work in the craft room ....before next Wednesday but there are large number of presents begging to be wrapped.
I do hope I dont have to buy any cards, as JD sent me a wonderful RAK of card blanks the other week (thankyou again) and I so want to use them .... I even have some ideas ....mainly prompted by you out there.

I shall go now...hoping you liked the photos
Take Care xx


Susie Sugar said...

Lovely Trees darling its like a winter wonderland at your place !! I have yet to get mine out yet, we have a tradition of putting the tree up on the 9th of Dec as its my youngest son Woody's birthday he is gonna be 13, so the boys dress the tree then.
Your desk is not boring this week I love the wall hanging holders (Not sure of the proper name for them) great idea to have your stash close at hand like that
See you next week
Hugs Susie xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The trees look fab, and I love the icicles below one of the small ones (talk about short-term memory problems, can't remember which it was except I know it wasn't the pink one LOL) I love the mantlepiece with all those softies on it ;)
Anne xx

Susan said...

Wow - its Christmas at your house! I'm still in Bah Humbug mode!!!
Love your desk - so much to look at - esp the bags full of stash!

Wipso said...

Wow you certainly do christmas dont you. It's a bit early for me yet :-)
A x

Pam said...

Looking very festive, wont be putting up our for a couple of week although the guys at work put them up yesterday (much to early for my liking - bah humbug). Your desk looks very busy. Hugs Pam

Kaz said...

Ooohhh no not cat sick in the keyboard?!! You poor thing!

Loving the trees xx

Carmen said...

IIIIIIIIIIT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAS in the Shozzy household at least :D Looks stunning - that mantlepiece is a triumph Angie :D It all looks amazing! Pressie wrapping for me tonight too.

Jocelyn said...

Love the pics.....WOW...the trees are PERFECT and that PINK one...I know me and PINK!!!

The mantel looks so homey and me some snowmen!!!

The room color is PERFECT and the desk.....ready for creating!!!

Wishing you a great week!!! :-)

LadyBug said...

Fab Tree's!!! don't worry I don't think four is too many! we have three :) and it's just the two of us :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah the decorations are wonderful..not just an ooooh from the littlies I can assure you! Sorry about the pussy puke - my eyes are bigger too, but I promise, I never give it back!!! Your actual desk looks like the un-photo'd surface in my room - what is it about unpacking!?

Sam said...

ewgh!!! I do feel for you - my cat threw up a little bit on the laptop, fortunately said laptop was closed!!!!!

Katy said...

Wow looks like you have been having fun with all those decs. Mine is going up at the Weekend and making some test mince pies Nom Nom Nom cant wait.

Katy xxxx

Sally said...

OMG 4 trees - I cringe at putting up 1!!! They look great btw!!

Mole said...

Christmas has definitely arrived in your house, I can see! LOL!

Hope the computer survives the cat throw-up - they always doing them in the most inconsiderate places, don't they?!