Monday, June 08, 2009

Where did that week go?

I cannot believe that it is over a week since I blogged … not sure where the time went or what I have been doing to take up the time. Well that’s not strictly true … after much thought over whether I should spend the money, I took advantage of a half price subscription to a family history site and have been following back a branch never before explored. I’m 90% sure I’m right but I may have to order some certificates later in the hope that there may be some more evidence that I’m right. All this detective work keeps the grey cells working so that’s an extra bonus.

Bargain Fruit and Vegetables and my multi coloured trolley have also played a large part in this week as both ALDI and LIDL have had great bargains, which I couldn’t resist and having purchased them I have to use it all. Well its no bargain if half is thrown away. That means lots of fresh fruit salads … salads in general and my Vegetable Curry, which is different every time depending on the available veggies but as long as potatoes and sweet potatoes are available as the base then almost anything else goes.

On Friday I met up with friends I have not seen for over 4 years. They live a busy life back in Thornton Heath and had managed to have a long weekend where they were both free and were able to take up another friend’s invitation to visit Edinburgh. I only live about 30 miles away so we met for a long lunch and a stroll in Princes Street Gardens. Bad weather was forecast but it was a beautiful day. After we had hugged Hello, our conversation flowed as though it were only last week that we had had coffee together.
The Chinese buffet was ideal for this meeting accompanied by draught cider and lots of exchanging photos of grandchildren. It was so kind of them to treat me to all this and an ice cream in the park too. We also watched a bicentennial display being planted out, on a slope. Not an easy job as the men lay on ladders across the work to do so. The fascination was, for me, to see if they rolled off (lol).
Trust me not to have my camera! I think it all might have been to do with Darwin’s birth … must look out to see if I’m right.

I have to say thank goodness for my Fife OAP pass. Travel would have cost me about £18 but instead it was £1 … YEAH. I love being over sixty.

Sorry there are no photos this time … thanks for dropping by.
Take care. xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Sounds like it's been a good week ANgie! I'm the same, I'd have been waiting for them to roll off the ladders too, and then been unablre to help for laughing!!

Carmen said...

Oooh where in Fife are you? We used to live in Inverkeithing till the dockyard closed then we came back to Kent.

Carmen said...

I still really miss it over 10 years later. My friend says I wouldn't recognise the town I was in now :)

I uploaded the previous duckies I made incase you want a peep. I'm having a devil of a job with the one I'm on at the mo. If a rubber duckie could give you attitude - I would swear this one is! *g*

Carmen said...
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Carmen said...

Excellent, I can't wait to see what you come up with :P

Sorry about the previous post, I somehow managed to put the word verification in the comment box - not quite awake yet!

Kerry said...

Aldi have some great fruit and veg bargains. I haven't tried Lidl because it a bit too far to get to.