Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well this is my area on week three.
The mat is tidy and has my latest project sitting on it. I am at thinking stage and I do quite a bit of that before I finally choose the papers and commit anything to its final place. The rest of the area looks as though a bomb had hit it. There are all the bits left over from making the Birthday cards and a few bits from the last LO. I'm afraid I tend not to tidy properly until I can not use the mat because I can not find it! Sorry to the tidy folk
I STILL haven't had any inspiration for the duck but while he is sitting there he might as well be useful lol.
Talking of inspiration .... I would like to thank Julia for her WOYWW as something seems to happen to me on a Wednesday morning and my mojo kicks in. I have nearly finished the LO now and will put it up when I next post.

I was out in the garden again, with the camera, and captured these two close ups. I have no idea what this bush is but its pretty, dog rose type, flowers are less than an inch accross.

This is the flower of a Red Hot Poker ... past its best but I think it has something about it.
I'm off now so here's hoping the sun stays around for a few more days and everyones mojo is working well.
Take Care xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Aha! Mojo on a wednesday, more useful than java everyday!! Your workplace looks great again Angie, you seem to work in a very measured way; love the job that the duck's now doing!

Carmen said...

I love your duck! What a good idea for a workdesk companion! I so need to get a BIG duck to hold all my tape in one place - I do believe you came up with a duckie idea and didn't even know it!

Craigs foot - *g* I know - he's so selfish, my desk is just sitting there, begging to be put together so I can spread out and craft on it. *sigh*

I loves him really and am feeling a tiny(huge) bit guilty at his hobbling around :P

Emilie said...

your desk is sooooo clean compare to mine!!!!! and in a middle of a project!!!! i need to learn from you!!!

allyf said...

Gorgeous flower photos. I think being a bit cruel to your poor duck tho!

LadyBug said...

Loving your desk posts and don't ever be sorry for being a (ever so slightly) messy creative crafter. it would be a boring world if we were all the same. :) thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

Jocelyn said...

I am so jealous...your desk is so clean and ready for creating!!!! Love the pics, awesome shots!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful comments that you have left me in regard to Gavin and the throat issue!!!! I feel like we are long time friends!!!! Can't wait to see what you create next sweet friend!!! :)

Mole said...

Glad to see the Duck is still in situ!!!! The desk is still too tidy tho!!!!