Saturday, June 13, 2009

For Posterity or Altered Art.?

I have just spent well over an hour reading an encyclopaedia.
So what, I can hear you mutter. … after all there is the Internet so why bother trawling through the written word.
Now there is a comment worth discussion … maybe some other time
This was no ordinary encyclopaedia … it was ‘Everybody’s Pocket Cyclopaedia’ 1892 and I had forgotten all about buying it, about 15 or 20 years ago at a jumble sale.
It came to light when DD was looking for things to use with Altered Art, including old, but not valuable, books.
Here lies more food for thought … what makes an object valuable? … but I digress .
I could not agree to its demise, even for the sake of LO’s and Altered Art. I’m not sure why as I haven’t looked at it for at least10 years and it’s slightly out of date (lol) but I feel there is some magic of the past, locked away between its covers that should not be lost.

Did you know that Mr W George ran the fastest mile in 1886, in London
4 Mins 12 ¾ secs …. And it was still standing in 1892?
Or that there were sports records for Trycicles!

Did you know that 75 years was a Diamond anniversary then, not 60 years? I think Queen Victoria may have changed that as she had a Diamond Jubillee at 60 years.
Or that a Butt of Beer was108 gallons and a Firkin was 9 gallons … not that many will know what a gallon is soon!
Now here’s a useful couple!!…
To make leather boots waterproof saturate them with caster oil.
To ease a cold on the chest, ring out a flannel in boiling water and sprinkle with turpentine before placing on chest.

And last but not least … Cadbury’s Cocoa was the best beverage for children … or so the advert says.

Was I right to deny Altered Art this find?


voodoo vixen said...

OK, that would be sacrilege in my book! Its over a 100 year old... when I was going through the phase of using print on stuff I had to go to the charity shop and buy some really tatty books and even then... found it really difficult to rip the pages out... ended up using some of those old romance magazine books... thin little ones which worked a treat!

Carmen said...

I've only ever used one book (on a lo)that was a dodgy old horror and even then it was only because my toddler massacred it so really I was saving it from being pulped or becoming landfill ;) What a afb find on your part - definitely keep it I say :D

Thanks for coming to see Duckie - yes they are quite diddy, made for small hands I expect. I may have to look out for a jumbo duck like yours next :P

Carmen said...

afb=fab! Obviously I need a spellchecker :P

LadyBug said...

No I couldn't dream of ripping out the pages either!

Coffeedoff said...

wonderful old book. I bet it is interesting to read!

Julia Dunnit said...

No, I couldn't allow it to be used either Angie...copied and distress the copies, but not the real thing. How fascinating!! A real treasure IMO.

Jo Power said...

I agree with you it isn't for scrapping or altered art its for the keeping I love the smell of old books and just to find out facts like the ones you have written about is brilliant. xx