Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Bits and Birthdays.

As promised those were my cards for the boys, not that I'm really a card maker nowadays. This is the Fathers day card DD made from an idea I had after finding the quote 'Fathers carry pictures where money used to be'.

This picture epitomised Fathers day for me, seeing my son being Eskimo kissed by one of his sons.

Our friend Katie rang this morning to say that she had seen my name on the Blog Bits on Ukscrappers. I gave out the usual cries of disbelief and then went all fingers and thumbs as I tried to get the page up ... trying to think whether I was still asleep or it was April 1st. There I was ... Shozzy ... and the link to my humble blog. I gave out a little squeal before recovering my decorum and remembering that Katie was still on the phone. Thanks UKS.

Well it was Benjamin and Jacobs first birthday on Sunday and so off we all went to visit them. We don't drive so we had to face Sunday travel They always work on the lines on Sundays and the trains at this end, had they been running, are hourly and thus so are the buses. The journey took 4 hours ...each way ..... and 8 changes in total!!!.

It was meant to be a wet ... ish day but the sun shone for us and DS cooked on the BBQ. I thought he'd burnt the sausages but I have to say they were perfect and oh so yummy.

Like most one year olds', they liked the paper more than the presents!!

And it was their first experience of cake and chocolate

It was also the first time I had met Emma's Mum and one of her brothers so this was another first. I enjoyed meeting them and I think we got on very well.

Here she is, watching those tiny fingers, just incase they pop that balloon!!

and here am I blowing raspberries to make Ben laugh ....silly Nana B
What a great day .... took hundreds of photos and I can see quite a few gems waiting to be printed and scrapped.
Sorry for blogging so many photo .... believe me ... there could have been a lot more lol

Take Care xx


Jocelyn said...

What perfect pics,,,, made me so happy to see these two little ones. We are still in the hospital with Gavin...he is still having problems keeping his Oxygen level up and I have lost my voice again!!! Totally cannot speak!!! I have an appointment to see the ENT Thursday!!!! Thank you for the prayers...just keep them coming...I am such a believer in the power of prayer. I love the pic of you doing rasberries!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day! :)

LadyBug said...

what a lovely family day you had! I remember when the photo of your son was posted just after the birth and can't believe it was a year ago!!! where does the time go?

Carmen said...

The eskimo kiss piccie is amazing. So precious - I love photos like that :) Keep them coming.

Love the wallet quote too - may have to 'borrow' that one day ;)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh a lovely Sunday Angie, desoite the travelling. Can;t ever underline how important family is, huh. Wonderful, make me smile to see them photos. Post more whenever you like!

Judith said...

Great pictures looks like a fantastic day was had by all. I am glad the weather was good to you, it does make a difference. x