Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well its Wednesday and as I am part of the 'Whats On Your Workdesk ? Wednesday' group instigated by Julia on 'Stamping Ground', I thought I should start as I mean to go on . I hope I've worked out what I'm supposed to do !!!!!

Here is my crafting area .... the rest is upstairs now but here is where I work. It is usually VERY untidy but I had a sort of tidy in the hope I would get inspiration. As yet it hasn't worked and I'm still at the thinking stage which could go on for days !

The project on the mat is a heritage one which I was having a muse over but I'm still not sure yet what I'm doing ... so it may go away ...again.

I can hear you say .... what about the duck????? well that is a project too . I am waiting for inspiration after Whoopidoo, alias Carmen, put the idea into my head about Altering a rubber duck.
Off to let Julia know that I've 'Dunnit' (lol)
Angie xx


Julia Dunnit said...

The duck was just to distract me from feeling horrible about how untidy my desk is by comparison, huh!! I read Whoopido's blog too, look forward to seeing what you do. Thanks for sharing, this is fun for me! Now I need to get into doingit rather than dunnit mode!

LadyBug said...

Loving the Duck!!!!! Might have to alter one into a Ladybird!!!!! Oh no you've got me thinking now ;)

Anne said...

Love that little duck watching over your layout!

Very very impressed by your tidiness, too!

Carmen said...

Yay for the duck! You are so tidy - I wouldn't dare share my desk - it's so bad I am scrunched with my elbows in trying to type.

Claireliz said...

How tidy is that desk??!!