Sunday, May 31, 2009

My New DLO

I am pleased with the effect of the different strips of patterned paper, stuck on to the, often discarded, white card album inserts. I love doing double layouts.

This might help you to read the journalling ...

I have also created two sheets, using random pieces of vintage papers from the scrap bag and I will be using them for a heritage LO soon.

Sadly Emma and Steve’s cat Puck was killed last night and like us, cats are not just pets but are part of the family. They are both devastated, especially Emma.
Steve brought Puck home to give Emma some company through the end of her pregnancy and then he gave her comfort during the first few months of worry over the twins. They were so close that it was as though she had three babies.

It has made me very sad too as I had only been over with them last weekend, so to take my mind off things I have been out in my neglected garden, pulling up and spraying weeds, while it is good weather.
I haven’t finished the slippers yet either but I will blog them when the weather changes and I manage to complete them. I find it a real problem if I leave something not quite finished and then put it away for safety … out of sight, out of mind problem ! … the cats, however, would just think they had new toys if I left the knitted slippers out.
Thanks for reading all this.
Take Care xx


Julie said...

So sorry to hear the sad news about the cat. Its terrible when it happens they are just part of the family. Great layout too.

Anonymous said...

That's such sad news about Puck :(

Anne said...

Lovely DLO.

So, so sad about Puck. Only animal lovers can understand quite how devastating it is when we lose them. You are so right when you say that they are real members of the family. :0(

my5bratz said...

sad news

great pics and love your journalling, Im a DLO fan myself :0)that's if I ever do a LO

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw, sad for you over Puck, how awful. As for putting things away'll have to be behind me in that queue!