Friday, May 29, 2009

Glad to be Back

If you have been aware of my disappearance from the blog scene for the past two or so weeks then I'd like to shout I’m back but if you didn't ... dont worry about my outburst and I'm not at all upset that you didn't miss me. (lol)

So what have I been up to …. mainly I’ve been away. DS needed a cat and house sitter again and it is really great to spend time with Ben and Jake at each end of the stay. Poor little souls came back with a streaming cold, which meant night times had been and still were, hell. The lack of sleep was showing on both loving parents but as DS remarked … you just cope. We couldn’t believe that the boys were not exhausted enough to sleep but all they managed to do was 20mins here and there. By the time I left to go home poor Emma was coming down with it. I could have stayed on but I think they needed the house to themselves and although I can help with the chores, I cannot do much for the boys except play as my old knees have long since given up any relationship with the floor, which is where the nappy changing occurs.
The feeding methods and routines they have is amazing and if I show my face it all goes to pot. Emma has to keep it going, as it’s how she and Steve cope so well. Whether the boys are deemed to be 11 or 9 months due to their premature birth … how many of you Mums out there could honestly say that they could get through the 2 course meal time of two babies in less than 10 mins (including cleaning hands and faces) every time … and still have a smiles on the faces of both little ones.
I think things may well change once they try to feed themselves but that is not being rushed as last time Jake was given a spoon at mealtime he tried to poke it straight down his throat!

Now I’m home I really miss them and they are in my thoughts most of the day. They are at that wonderful stage where the world around them is full of liquid information and they are the sponges. The look of wonder when Ben discovered that moving a button caused the ducks inside a box to also move, could not have been greater than Newton realising the significance of an apple falling from a tree.
Jake honoured me with kisses followed with a neck snuggle which confirmed that I really really love being a Nana and that that feeling could not be equalled by anything but a neck snuggle from Ben.
Emma rang me today to tell me she felt so ill that Steve had to take the day off but that Jake had clapped his hands together on his own ... the significance of this is that I had made up a clapping game on wednesday to keep him happy and then this morning he clapped for his Dad.
As usual I took loads of photos in the hope of a few that were good and also captured my visit.
This is them showing off their first 2 teeth which have been a long time commingThis Ben showing me that he now knows how to blow raspberriesand this is a thoughtful Jake who loves Monkeys tail!! I feel he is more of a Jacob here.

I also had a go at knitting while I was away ... bootee slippers for the boys from a pattern Emma found on the internet and I then managed to size them up so Emma has a pair, as she loves knitted slippers. She treats herself to a pair now and then but as they don’t last long and are pricey at £12.99, I thought I would have a go. Well they worked out at about £1 a pair, using wool I bought at Lidl ages ago. I just have to add the fastenings and I will take a photo ready for the next time I blog.

Before I went away I did this LO …. Simple ... but tells the story … sort of Dr Seuss style I felt.
It says
…Hello … Shall I pose …
Interesting … I have Toes.

I have nearly finished another (not of the boys this time) where I used pieces of patterned papers to make my own 12x12 background papers. I stuck the pieces on to two thin pieces of white card ready for my DL. and I shall blog that as soon as I have finished it.

Glad to be back blogging, can't wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs … I think this calls for a large coffee and an even larger bar of something yummy
Take Care xx


Debsg said...

Adorable pictures. What a couple of cuties.

Anne said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you have been busy... those boys are so adorable, you can tell how much they mean to you from the way you write about them. Lucky you, and lucky them to have such a doting Grandma!

rachel said...

gorgeous photos they are such cuties