Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Smiles ...cats and bubbles ...and boys.

 I think Summer is on the way out ....they have forcast rain for the next two weeks with sun on and off ...ah well we had over two weeks of glorious weather.

 At the moment I really look forward to Friday Smiles with Annie and her friends at ' A Stitch in Time' ...I know I will get back to crafty things eventually ...well I better .... with all the stash of different kinds I have.

 These things made me smile this week .....well the first didn't at the time.

Ahhhhh ....Clean washing
' Move???? I think not ' said a comfortable Wanda

 With Kris and Robbie living in the same house as me I get to see all those special  moments
When ever we find cheap bottles of bubble mix and wands, we store them away and and get them out when the boys need something to occupy them ...they played for a couple of hours with all the different bubble wands. Thanks Steve for your 'red nose' contrabution to the store. 
'Bubbles are fun'

 I love clouds too ...I remember that when I was a child, I would make up stories in my head while I lay on the grass watching them I have to be contented with sitting on a bench ....  this made me think of a mythical world high in the sky.
 and this was just a beautiful effect.

Lastly ....I had to share this photo of Ben Olly and Jake's little fashion parade, that I stole from DIL face book page...they were trying on their wet suits ...ready for their holiday.

I hope something here brought a smile to your face too  ....I shall be round later to see what made you smile.
Take Care xx


Annie said...

Your blog def made me smile today Angie. Gorgeous snaps. Thanks for joining in this week.
Annie x

crafty cat corner said...

Angie, you've been so lucky with your summer this year, My son in Ayr can't believe it.
Love the little rascals in thier wet suits.

Nan G said...

Love the wet suit parade! And who needs clean clothes..happy kitties come first. In their view at least. :) Thanks for the smiles today. Hugs

Angela Coles said...

fantastic bubble photos.

crafty cat corner said...

Hi again Angie
We dont get night hunting but Rupert gets us up around 4 in the morning to be let out, he jumps all over the bed, runs to and fro making his funny noise until we get up, this is so annoying but you just can't ignore it. Once we get up all the others troop to the back door. It's like Rupert is the ring leader and they all wait for him to get us up. lol
Despite this and lots of other annoying things like shredding the sofa and carrying litter on their feet all over the house I love the little monkeys so, so much they could get away with murder.
Looks like we are getting the rain tomorrow and can't say I'm sad, the grass is just brown in all the parks so we could do with it.

Elizabeth said...

These photos definitely made me smile today, Angie. Isn't it just like our cats to settle down on the softest spot they can find, even the newly laundered clothes. Bubbles are a surefire way of occupying bored children. The boys look so cute in their wetsuits. Love the photos of the clouds ... the EM would be more than impressed as he has had a lifelong interest in clouds too. Have a great weekend whatever the weather. Elizabeth xx

Rian said...

I think cats gravitate to clean linens. Mine think we do the wash particularly for them. A warm towel out of the dryer is heaven! (and it is hard to deny them, isn't it? - such a little thing to give them pleasure)

And those grandsons are just too adorable. I didn't realize that they lived with you. My oldest son and grandson lived with us for the past 9 months, but have just moved into their own place this June. We do miss them.

LL Cool Joe said...

I love the bubble shots. You did well to capture them!

The weather here has been amazing hasn't it? The only thing I have found is that it's made me very lazy and not very motivated to work outside. I seem to get as far as the sun lounger! :D

Arkansas Patti said...

Had to smile at the bubble wands. I still like to blow bubbles and am thrilled when they give them away at weddings so I can play.
Those wet suits are precious.

Hettie said...

Great pics today but the best has to be the liccle uns in their wet suits!