Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Smiles ....The sun is still shining.

I am really not prepared for this weather …well we are lucky if we get more than two days without rain …no matter the season …and as for the temperatures hovering over 70 F …yes I know many of you think that is a perfect Spring  temperature …but up here in Scotland 70 F and anything above.... with the sun actually shinning… is a HOT summer. Our bodies are not acclimatized to much above 65 so most of us are struggling …. and then there is the  fact that I don’t have a hat/cap …. well the last time I needed one was 2005 …and I don’t have sun cream ….normally I steal some of the kids stuff but they are away and sensibly have  it with them. …well who would have thought it would last this long.

What I do know is that sun and sea makes me smile and lifts the spirits  …well mine anyway.
 As I sat enjoying the sea view, I had to discreetly smile as I heard a boy of about 12, with younger brothers, retort to his father…

’So what are we supposed to do here?’ ...The poor man answered in exasperation and a little disbelief …,
‘Dig in the sand! …make castles! …paddle? …throw stones???’

 …sadly I could hear the youngsters sigh, even though he was now past me …I felt he had been dragged away from a game console or computer and was not ready to forgive his father.

While I was at the beach I also broke the law ...yes me ... and it too brought a smile to my face.
No longer can we feed the gulls but I could not resist secretly dropping a few crumbs for  a singularly handsome chap...that's him...waiting for more ….I had to giggle as he chased away a younger gull …he was not prepared to share these few crumbs.

Lastly I'd like to ask a question you feel that a 'scenery' shot looks vintage if produced in sepia or B/W ...I do. This is a shot looking away from the beach.

Now if you want more smiles...if this actually brought one to your face .... drop over to 'A stitch  in Time'  for other things that have made people smile this week.
Take Care xx


JoZart said...

Yes! the sepia pic does look vintage. Love that you cheated and fed the seagull and I laughed at the boy's reaction to being at the seaside. Doh! I always remember Hilda Ogden whilst on a coach trip to the Lake District sitting looking over a spectacular view saying, "Don't know why we came, there's nothing here is there Stan?"
Wish it was 70F here....
Jo x at 80F in the shady side in our hall at 9pm

Annie said...

I have to agree with you Angie that we really can have too much of a good thing. This temperature is for lying by a pool sipping cool drinks not having to work :-)
I chuckled at the boys comment....we never needed telling what to do on a beach did we?
Really love the sepia photo...could have even taken years ago :-)
Annie x

JoZart said...

Hi Angie... got to say that it was the hired gardener who mowed the head off the rose not my DH.!! I've not seen him to have a moan,... DH would have been a goner by now!! xxxx
Jo x

Arkansas Patti said...

That poor youngster. All that beauty but no buttons to push or screens to watch.
We too have enjoyed clear skies and are now suffering from drought. Weird Summer.
Might be time for you to get another hat.

Laura said...

Very vintage - fab photo.
How sad that we have to teach kids how to play at the beach
Stay cool

Hettie said...

Great photos. Kids these don't know what to do these days if they haven't got a gadget to twiddle, click or communicate with!
Glad you fed the birdie to!

Nan G said...

Love that you slyly fed the full. :) Sad he didn't know how to play in the sand. Great sepia pic. My my that does sound like a scorcher of a summer for you all. Whilst we are back to a normal wet summer (FLORIDA) tho' we've not had this much rain in ten years!

Angela Coles said...

I like sepia for a vintage look. Nice photo of the Gull.

Blessings to you from Angela