Sunday, July 07, 2013

Here Comes Summer ....I hope.

Yesterday the temperature rose from the  13ish C (nearly 60F) of a few days ago, to an amazing 26C( 78F) all other plans were shelved and we headed to the beach ...we are so lucky that this one  is only 2 miles away.
Robbie was a little sad when the tide rolled in I tried to distract him by taking loads of shots to catch his attention's Jay pointing to me and my camera .
 He was a little  bemused that the sand had all disappeared
 but I sat and explained that it was going to roll out again...
After some Kite Flying .... that I could not capture matter how hard I tried ...they chilled out on the grass above the beach.
 They didn't want to move until we tempted them by a lunch at the cafe above the amusement arcade ...followed by some change to play with later, on the games.
 It was a great lunch ...Macaroni Cheese ...followed by this...... we only needed a very light evening meal

I just wanted to show you how happy Robbie is in the water ...hard to believe he was scared of it a few years ago.

Take Care. xx


Annie said...

Gorgeous snaps of a beautiful sunny day.
A x

Elizabeth said...

Brilliant photos - especially that last one, Angie. I can see some fab scrap layouts following :) Isn't it lovely to see the sun. Elizabeth xx

Arkansas Patti said...

Those would be delightful Spring temps here.
Just a beautiful day however, blue skies and barefooting in the water.
That dessert looks lethal.

Cat said...

Looks like a wonderful day!!! I love the beach :-)

Rian said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a great day at the beach. I love the beach also... not swimming in the water, but walking on the sand or just watching the tides go in or out.

LL Cool Joe said...

The weather here is wonderful isn't it? We are about an hours drive away from the coast, so we rarely go. Also my daughter's are at the age where the seaside no longer excites them. Sad really.

Hettie said...

Oh to have a beach two miles away! Great photos.