Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Smiles ...nearly missed it ...again.

Nearly missed it ....again but at least I remembered in time ....just.
The sun is shining but it is too hot  for me to sit out ... except early evening and early morning ...but it lifts the spirits.
 Its is one of those days that, if it were overcast, one could feel down, as I have just heard that a friend has had to cancel two things on his bucket list and go into a hospice for pain control....we hope he gets out to enjoy some of the things he has treated himself to....things he wanted to buy but kept putting off.

What did bring a smile to my face are these photos from my DIL....

Three little farmers go out for a picnic .... bless them
 Daddy gives  Jake, Ben and Olly a big hug
Take Care xx


Annie said...

Love the hats Angie :-) its never too late. Feel free to link up any time in the week :-)
Annie x

Rian said...

Those boys are adorable. They should definitely lift your spirits!

LL Cool Joe said...

I've never even heard of Friday Smiles but it sounds good!

The sun is wonderful isn't it? I'm trying not to be out in it too long as I'm looking a bit like a prune these days, but I do love to sunbathe.

The kids look like they are having fun too!

Tracy said...

Such happy smiles! I hope your friend is able to get peace and to enjoy what he wants to.

JoZart said...

Aren't they beautiful children! Makes me miss my lot but we'll be down in Brighton in a couple of weeks.
Stay cool,
Jo x

Julia Dunnit said...

yep, the heat is chasing me round the the back till lunchtime, then I swap and find things to do in the shade at the front...loving it! The boys are so grown, I dont know, you turn your back for five minutes and it's six months to a child! They are looking GORGEOUS!

Arkansas Patti said...

Those hats are precious and you can't help but smile when you see them.
I am sorry your friend need pain control and hope they successfully get him back tackling his list. I'll put him in my prayers.

Caro said...

What gorgeous pictures of the the matching hats! Thanks for the smile. Caro x (running late at #9)

Elizabeth said...

Love those hats and the boys look as though they are having a whale of a time. Do hope your friend recovers and gets home soon so that he can tick a few more items off his bucket list. Elizabeth xx

Devon said...
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Devon said...

Hi :)
Those hats are so cute!
I hope your friend is able to cross those off his bucket list soon :)
Devon x