Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Smiles ...Boxes and Beans ....Feline Style ..

Most of you know how much cats love boxes ….Smudge found this one...seconds after I had removed the contents ... before I even removed the paper packing .... just look at his expression of annoyance, when I discovered him in his nest. I am such a softy that it took another hour for me to remove him. He growled a few times when Rusty tried to steal his box....and yes I do mean growl.

 This is Sid …a big softy …whose claws grow faster than any cat I know …and you know it when he ‘taps‘ you with them for attention.
Several of you who have cats, were surprised by Barnaby and the Broccoli…well Sid is another of our veggy eating felines....the older he gets the more he craves them. ...he is 13 this year.

  His favourite vegetables are green beans and has been known to steal from an unguarded plate ….but  the other day he was delighted that I had left some in the pot and forgotten to put the lid on ….he was so into them that I was able to leave the kitchen and get the camera, without him actually stopping munching.

He is also one of a small group of our cats who are not Lactos intolerant ….he tries to get between carton and mug when I make a cup of tea ….one day he will get in the way of the stream of the hot water!!!

I hope this brought a tiny smile to your face ....especially if you are a cat lover ...and do drop by to Anne/Wispso at 'A stitch in Time' ... to link up with others who try to bring a ray of sunshime into our Fridays.

Take care xx

PS Nearly Forgot ....HAPPY EASTER . xx

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gentlemen of the road

Not only do we have twenty cats of our own but we have had three visitors over the last few years  too. We gave names to them so that we could talk to them properly....yes we are alttle mad.  Maybe one of ours has left a feline message on our gate,  to let those in distress  know that we are friendly humans ….like the tinkers of old used to. I know I have spoken about them before but some may not have read about them.

First was Strippey, who came to us badly hurt in a fight. It was amazing that he allowed Jay and Vicki to clean his wounds with no restraints and no sight of a claw. From his general condition we were not sure whether he had a home and called in the  SSPCA to help and to have him checked for a chip. We heard that his owner had picked him up and that his wounds were on the mend. A few weeks later he was back but I think it was just to say thank you. He still drops by now and then ….never wants anything to eat …just a few words and a stroke.

The next visitor, around the same time, was Marvin, who used to stay in our greenhouse for a couple of days at a time, regaining strength with a meal and some water before moving on. He visited on and off for a couple of years but sadly we have not seen him for about 2 years now …I think he was quite old though.

Lastly Alice …well we were not sure whether she was a she or a he ….but as the  face was pretty and her eyes soft,  Vicki went for a pretty name …..we later learnt that she was a he …but we kept the name ….well its good enough for  Mr Cooper !! 

Alice has not been around for several months so it was great to see hear him at the window …waiting for his helping of crunches. I have a theory about him ….I think he drops by when hunting is scarce in the snowy and frosty times…he’s been every day this week. Apparently all un-neutered males develop  broad jowls especially if they live in the wild. …originally we feared that the lumps were tumours when we found them on both Alice and Marvin ….but apparently its normal….I think it gives him a more masculine look.

 BTW …  the original definition of a Gentleman of the Road is  …. A "man of leisure" who spends his days rambling from one place to another, with a cheerful smile and a knapsack and stick over his shoulder, greeting people warmly and brightening up their lives ….fitting I feel
. ….nowadays …. sadly …. it means just a  vagrant or tramp.

Take Care xx

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Broccoli Thief …aka ...Friday Smile ...and Happy Birthday Emma

Firstly I want to wish my future daughter- in-law, Emma of 'Dropped Stiches'... a very Happy Birthday for today ...and in four more weeks yesterday will be your Wedding Day.

The veggies last night were Duchess Potatoes …think that’s how its spelt … Garlic mushrooms … and yummy fresh broccoli. The remainder veggies were left on the cooker and covered ….obviously not well enough …
As  I returned with the plates it was obvious ….as I nearly slid …that someone had uncovered the broccoli  and left bits over the floor. I picked up a large piece that was to be deposited in the bin and turned to pick up the brush….already the thief was trying to retrieve his prize so I dashed to get my camera … returned said morsel to the table ….and waited.

Look at Barnaby’s tongue …..licking his lips with anticipation ...while Willow looks on.

 Nearly got it

Sorry picture quality is not the best ....but I hope the escapade made you smile.

Take Care xx

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friday smiles.... with our pet Pygmy Hedgehog.

Every few days we set up Holly's play pen so that she can interact with humans and felines alike. Many of the cats still give her a wide birth ….some are curious from a distance .... and some just want to play. …until they are spiked lol but then there are few who just want to be her friend.

Ellie loves her as does Rusty….and I think she loves them too …she also loves her toy Giraffe which she nudges around the pen. 

Holly made a bid for freedom .... over the wire .... yesterday …sadly no one had their camera at the ready …I think  we all had our mouths open in amazement  … she wobbled as she balanced  her tummy on the top of the wire and see-sawed back and forth ... but she finally  fell back into the pen ….phew ….wouldn’t want to chase her round the house …note to self ….Do not put the heat pad next the fence … she uses it as a ‘step up’ ….  clever little hedgy!!! 

Pop over to 'A Stitch in Time' to see more smiles

Take Care ..xx

PS ... This is not something to smile about .....
May have to put back the annoying verification …had 6  ’Anonymous’ suspect comments yesterday.
Message to Anonymous ….I will not read or reply to your comments so don’t waste your time on me..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

MY 66th BIRTHDAY ..It has come around too quickly !!.

Today was my birthday …the instructions I was given was to sit back and enjoy …after all it was Mothering Sunday too ….not sure the two have ever coincided before.
I awoke to snow, which I love but it then melted  in the winter/spring sun. It was followed by more large flaked snow and then large hailstones …sadly it was all gone by the afternoon …not sure I have had snow on my birthday before either, even if it didn't hang around.

I was given my breakfast when I was ready to eat…and lunch too …and loads of coffee when ever I desired. I received daffodils which always say Mothers Day to me and a knock on the door brought a delivery of roses in a jug from Steve and his family. I have a posh afternoon tea waiting for me when I’m away in Ireland …Emma’s idea I think … and a shopping trip with a lunch, in Edinburgh … from Jay and Vicki….nice to have things to look forward to.

 The phone rang and the voices of Ben and Jake...and maybe Olly??.... met my ears ...singing Happy Birthday.
  I also got other little bits and pieces and loads of cards …love the ones written by the boys …all 5 of them …. and of course some chocolates to munch…. but pride of place is my new Charlie Bear who will join our joint collection. I don’t know what it is about them …they have lovely expressions and beg to be cuddled.
 Last but not least was a wonderful roast dinner …two meats and all the trimmings …. so many different veggies too. For dessert, Vicki made Red Velvet Cup Cakes … which I begged  to be topped with Chocolate Ganache  …well if you are going to be wicked you might as well do it in style. 
 This  is how she presented them to me .... with Robbie and Kris entering the room singing Happy Birthday.

 Now for a card …
No I have not started creating yet …this is NOT one of mine ….but it was made for me …by Kris… aged 5!!!!!

He chose the paper and elements …and the stamps …from our stash.  He actually stamped on to the paper  and inked edges under instruction…DD cut the bits out and put adhesive on the back but Kris stuck them down where he wanted them…DD helped with the ‘bling’ and ribbon…but he learnt to use the Tiny Attacher for the lace. Jay could not believe  how it all came together and the final result he created. …a fantastic job even for an adult …I hope you agree.

It really was a wonderful birthday.
Take Care xx

Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday Smile. ….HARRY …aged 4 ¾ …X 2

I absolutely had to share this photo of my twin GS’s, which I copied from Emma’s  Facebook and  Blog, …. a few may have seen it already … it brought such a big smile to my face. 
 Jake and Ben
DIL- to- be  had 24 hours to create costumes of a character from a favourite book… (saves arguments if they are the same) … … for their nursery school, on World Book Day.
Hey Presto ….they both became Harry Potter  ….aged 4 and ¾ …thanks to her ability to remodel a supermarket black T-shirt …and to create  a Hogworts transfer  to iron on, to add that special touch.
Jake was so happy to be wearing glasses too …fake ones of course.
 They  then spent the next little while trying to turn Emma into a frog!!!! …bless them.

Sadly when Jake got up in the morning he was not feeling well and had to miss it . Ben had a great time except he could not get to grips with everyone calling him Harry  … no matter how many times he told them his name was BEN.

Take Care xx

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ardross Farm Shop ...Elie

 If you don’t drive, some places seem impossible to get to…even when relatively close. One such place is The Ardross Farm Shop, Fife.
 When I asked the ‘WWW’ how to get there by public transport it merely said there was no information. I had a moan to myself and then contemplated the cost of a cab journey times two ….but was not sure it was really worth it as it was not going to be cheap. However, when I was talking to a friend about the problem, she laughed and said a bus did go past …all I had to do was ask to be dropped off. For an ex-Londoner it was a difficult concept to grasp …‘but how do I get back ?’ ….‘just stand out side and wave your arm when you see a bus’
 Well today I gave it a go …and dragged along Vicki for moral support ….DD declined as she hates shopping at a slow speed, which is of course essential when browsing the shelves of  a new retail establishment. Was it all worth it? ….oh yes it was …and will I be going back? ….oh yes I will.

When I reached the shop door I was met  by  these little chaps …I have to say that at first sight …and without my glasses…. I thought they were some real rare breed …lol

On entering through the door way we were met with what only could be described as a ‘Foodie Paradise’
Fresh vegetables …many pulled from the earth  just across the way …Smoked Garlic which would add that extra something to many a dish ….and the longest pinkest Rhubarb I had ever seen, caught my eye.
The selection of meat is second to none …and very local … many venison products too .The pickles and jams …the biscuits and oatcakes …the cakes and pies …. the vegetable crisps …. the fudges … (I HAD to buy the Lemon Meringue  one) …the pates …(I am trying the Stilton and Pear tonight)  …the list  of goodies is endless  but I must not forget the breads ….the smell of the  Cheese and Leek was to die for  (Two came home with us). 

Last but certainly not least …the service was fantastic ….it deserved a 12 out of 10 …friendly helpful informative  ….not pushy …but they were there when needed... Thankyou Ladies for some fantastic retail therapy.

Oh I nearly forgot …they do ice cream too …. and yes I  know it isn’t truly  Spring yet but we had to try some while waiting for the bus …this is  Vicki enjoying hers …I am sure the cars that passed thought we were a little mad.

I hope that everyone who lives in Fife makes the effort to drop by...its worth it ...but I do wish they had a little refreshment area, as a tea and a scone ...or one of the delicious looking cakes ...would go down well.

Take Care xx

Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday smiles ...felines get their own back.

Here is dear Rusty looking the picture of innocence with his arm around Ellie.. dont be fooled.

A few hour later he lead a break in ....the 'crunchie' cupboard was the target...again ...he and his two fellow conspirators,Ellie and Barnaby have a system matter what is used to block the door ...I watched in amazement, from a distance, one day. Something had to be done as Rusty, in particular must not eat them...and I am sure he knows it.
Their plans were foiled yesterday ...not sure why I never thought of this before...doh. This time they were met with a large box with a LID...between them they tried to remove the whole box from said cupboard but  were caught in the act ....I laughed ...Rusty scowled and stomped off.
An hour later I walked into the kitchen to discover that someone had broken in to the baking ingredients cupboard...something that has never happened before ...stolen a bag of coconut and scattered it all over the floor....I wonder who that was ????

Hope this made you smile
Take Care xx

UPDATE ..At meal time we do a head count ....this morning we were missing one ...after running round the house looking in cupboards and wardrobes and listening to see if we could hear any sound of a trapped cat ...even called outside ...even though she never goes out the door...nothing. Finally , an hour later we discovered her curled up on a dinning chair under the table a sleep ...obviously not hungry.