Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday Smile. ….HARRY …aged 4 ¾ …X 2

I absolutely had to share this photo of my twin GS’s, which I copied from Emma’s  Facebook and  Blog, …. a few may have seen it already … it brought such a big smile to my face. 
 Jake and Ben
DIL- to- be  had 24 hours to create costumes of a character from a favourite book… (saves arguments if they are the same) … … for their nursery school, on World Book Day.
Hey Presto ….they both became Harry Potter  ….aged 4 and ¾ …thanks to her ability to remodel a supermarket black T-shirt …and to create  a Hogworts transfer  to iron on, to add that special touch.
Jake was so happy to be wearing glasses too …fake ones of course.
 They  then spent the next little while trying to turn Emma into a frog!!!! …bless them.

Sadly when Jake got up in the morning he was not feeling well and had to miss it . Ben had a great time except he could not get to grips with everyone calling him Harry  … no matter how many times he told them his name was BEN.

Take Care xx


Annie said...

Just gorgeous made me smile too so thanks for sharing......don't forget to link it up so others can see it too. :-)
A x

Neet said...

Thanks for the photo and the story behind Harry who was really Ben. Can just imagine his confusion, poor wee lad.
Hugs, Neet xx (nice to visit you, not been for ages, thanks for calling in on me) xx

Cardarian said...

Thank you for sharing - twins always fascinate me! It made me laugh that he wasn't happy with the name Harry - he would rather just be BEN!
Lots of hugs,

JoZart said...

Aren't they adorable and my smile dropped when you said that Jake had to miss it!
Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend,
Love jo x

Arkansas Patti said...

Adorable but kind of sad that Jake didn't get to enjoy. How on earth do you tell them apart? I use to date a twin and quite frankly, I was never sure.

Caro said...

Gorgeous photo of the twin Harrys! So cute. Thanks so much for sharing. Caro (#8)

Lynn Holland said...

Oh they are so gorgeous. Thanks for the smile

fairy thoughts said...

ah like two little peas.... next year they could dress up as the weasley twins. Bless ben for not wanting to be called harry he probably gets fed up with being called jake as well.... as a mum of twins too I remember it well

Rian said...

Angie, those boys are adorable. CAN you tell them apart?

Gill Edwards said...

what a great photo Angie, plenty of smiles there.

Gill x

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