Sunday, March 10, 2013

MY 66th BIRTHDAY ..It has come around too quickly !!.

Today was my birthday …the instructions I was given was to sit back and enjoy …after all it was Mothering Sunday too ….not sure the two have ever coincided before.
I awoke to snow, which I love but it then melted  in the winter/spring sun. It was followed by more large flaked snow and then large hailstones …sadly it was all gone by the afternoon …not sure I have had snow on my birthday before either, even if it didn't hang around.

I was given my breakfast when I was ready to eat…and lunch too …and loads of coffee when ever I desired. I received daffodils which always say Mothers Day to me and a knock on the door brought a delivery of roses in a jug from Steve and his family. I have a posh afternoon tea waiting for me when I’m away in Ireland …Emma’s idea I think … and a shopping trip with a lunch, in Edinburgh … from Jay and Vicki….nice to have things to look forward to.

 The phone rang and the voices of Ben and Jake...and maybe Olly??.... met my ears ...singing Happy Birthday.
  I also got other little bits and pieces and loads of cards …love the ones written by the boys …all 5 of them …. and of course some chocolates to munch…. but pride of place is my new Charlie Bear who will join our joint collection. I don’t know what it is about them …they have lovely expressions and beg to be cuddled.
 Last but not least was a wonderful roast dinner …two meats and all the trimmings …. so many different veggies too. For dessert, Vicki made Red Velvet Cup Cakes … which I begged  to be topped with Chocolate Ganache  …well if you are going to be wicked you might as well do it in style. 
 This  is how she presented them to me .... with Robbie and Kris entering the room singing Happy Birthday.

 Now for a card …
No I have not started creating yet …this is NOT one of mine ….but it was made for me …by Kris… aged 5!!!!!

He chose the paper and elements …and the stamps …from our stash.  He actually stamped on to the paper  and inked edges under instruction…DD cut the bits out and put adhesive on the back but Kris stuck them down where he wanted them…DD helped with the ‘bling’ and ribbon…but he learnt to use the Tiny Attacher for the lace. Jay could not believe  how it all came together and the final result he created. …a fantastic job even for an adult …I hope you agree.

It really was a wonderful birthday.
Take Care xx


Neet said...

Well Happy Birthday to you then. How coincidental. So glad you had a lovely day and got lots of spoiling by the family.

No snow here (I am not keen when it sticks) but jolly cold and windy. No, I don't remember coinciding with Mother's Day either but they are always fairly close.

Have a lovely hour and a bit - what's left. Like Cinderella it all finishes at midnight. (well for me it does - you have lots to come yet).


Hugs, Neet xx

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Angie! It sounds like the happiest of days and you've been well spoiled ... with more spoiling to come :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

PS: The card is lovely.

PPS: We've had snow too but it has stayed :(

SueH said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Angie, I only just mad it before midnight.

It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful day full of lovely surprises and lots more to look forward to as well. And wow, Kris’s card is just fabulous, I would never have guessed a five year old made it.

Thanks for stopping by today and I’m glad you liked the page. It seemed the right day to post the page, being Mother’s Day.

Happy Crafting!

weaverpat said...

Ha! You've caught up with me! Now we are both in the double sixes.
What a wonderful birthday celebration! Such lovely gifts, flowers, cards and the special Teddy. He sure is cute!
You have the makings of an artist with that very creative card. What a treasure!

Happy, happy birthday!
And many more!

Morning's Minion said...

Happy Birthday, Angie! You and I are close in age and both with a March birthday--and yes, where have the years gone [?!]

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Birthday and it appears you had just that.
How nice to be so properly spoiled. Milk it as long as you can.
Ah to be 66 again.

Cardarian said...

I am a bit late but I wish you a happy, happy, happy birthday! May you have good health, happiness and what ever else you wish for yourself!
Lots and lots of hugs and love,

crafty cat corner said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes to another fellow Pisces, is it a coincidence that so many of the blogs I follow happen to be Pisces.
It must be true that we are all creative people, that is, when we can stop day dreaming about what we are going to make. lol
I love the idea of cup cakes as a birthday cake and the flowers look beautiful.
My big day is on Friday and I beat you by 1 year, 67, surely not.....
We have just installed skype and I wondered who the old lady was in the picture and then realised it was me. lol
Still waiting for your creative head to come back Angie, look forward to seeing more creations this year.

Ann said...

Sorry I'm late but Happy Birthday to you Angie. That is a very professional-looking card from a 5 year old - creativity obviously runs in the family :)

Rian said...

Happy Happy Birthday Angie! Sounds like you had a fun celebration.. with more to come in Ireland. I love tea! And afternoon tea and high tea, etc! And shopping in Edinburgh too? I think there's an Aga store in Edinburgh (if my memory serves me... of course, sometimes it doesn't).

Samantha Elliott said...

Happy Birthday Angie. Sounds like you have had a wonderful birthday. Lucky girl.
That card is fabulous

Anneliese said...

Happy belated birthday wishes Angie :o) long time no speak ! I'm finally back in blogging land ... I missed you ! :D Anneliese

Mary said...

I so wish I had read this in time to wish you a proper birthday. Please accept my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday. Have a great day.Blessings...Mary

JoZart said...

Hippy Burpday Angie! didn't know you shared it with my good friend Neet!
I'm sending an old fashioned greeting which is seldom expressed nowadays ...Many Happy Returns of the Day.
It really sounds like you were treasured and had a wonderful time.
The card IS superb and to be commended.
Lots of love
Jo x