Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday smiles ...felines get their own back.

Here is dear Rusty looking the picture of innocence with his arm around Ellie.. dont be fooled.

A few hour later he lead a break in ....the 'crunchie' cupboard was the target...again ...he and his two fellow conspirators,Ellie and Barnaby have a system matter what is used to block the door ...I watched in amazement, from a distance, one day. Something had to be done as Rusty, in particular must not eat them...and I am sure he knows it.
Their plans were foiled yesterday ...not sure why I never thought of this before...doh. This time they were met with a large box with a LID...between them they tried to remove the whole box from said cupboard but  were caught in the act ....I laughed ...Rusty scowled and stomped off.
An hour later I walked into the kitchen to discover that someone had broken in to the baking ingredients cupboard...something that has never happened before ...stolen a bag of coconut and scattered it all over the floor....I wonder who that was ????

Hope this made you smile
Take Care xx

UPDATE ..At meal time we do a head count ....this morning we were missing one ...after running round the house looking in cupboards and wardrobes and listening to see if we could hear any sound of a trapped cat ...even called outside ...even though she never goes out the door...nothing. Finally , an hour later we discovered her curled up on a dinning chair under the table a sleep ...obviously not hungry.


Gill Edwards said...

Oh Angie that makes me chuckle as its so familiar to me. I have two cats Meg & Tom who are mum and son, they are the thieves in our house and will stop at nothing to get to food wherever its hidden.
by the way, i too love family history.

have a good week

Gill x

Cardarian said...

Ha, ha you should know all their tricks having so many cats!!! I guess we can say they are VERY clever!
Lots of hugs,

crafty cat corner said...

The beaauty of cats is that they always keep you smiling, that is unless you happen to step on a newly regurgitated fur ball in bare feet, not so funny then, lol

Ours constantly make us laugh with their antics.

Funny but these don't take food, but we had a couple of black boys once that actally pulled a frozen chicken off of the work top and battered it all around the kitchen.(sorry non cat lovers,you may not understand that we cat lovers put up with anything for the love of cats)lol


Annie said...

Hehehe that will teach you to stop them getting where they really wanted to go. I bet you were laughing through the tears while you swept up the mess :-)
Thanks for joining in the fun this week.
A x

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photo, Angie. They look so adorable you'd never guess they could be anything other than angelic :) Bonnie's only bad habit, if you can call it that, is that she will kill for chicken so she will upturn the kitchen bin searching it out if she gets so much as a whiff! Elizabeth xx

Rian said...

Angie, I love to see pictures of your cats. Ours are very ingenious too when it comes to food. If someone doesn't feed them within what they consider a reasonable amount of time, usually Jack will find a way into the pantry and drag the dry cat food bag out... for everyone to help themselves.

We also keep dry food for the outside cats by the back door. Usually the inside ones aren't interested in that food - BUT occasionally we've found a head buried in it and a tail hanging out.

Arkansas Patti said...

Just like children, they look so angelic when sleeping.
You really have some intelligent cats there. Most animals can be taught tricks, cats problem solve.

BumbleVee said...

so cute but like you say...not to be fooled. Your life must be pretty interesting with all those furry guys around...

Deb said...

this is too funny, such clever kittys!\
have a great weekend, Debxx

Caro said...

Gorgeous photo..they look so innocent don't they! I love the story of the naughty feline thieves. Thanks for sharing. Caro #8

fairy thoughts said...

ah cute. clever cats and they look so angelic

JoZart said...

Lovely story Angie! You must be an expert in feline psychology by now. It's so amazing what they get up to in your place.
love Jo x(signing in from Brighton but heading home tomorrow )

Morning's Minion said...

What is it with cats who hide and refuse to respond to frantic calling? When finally discovered the yawn and offended stare says it all, "What's all the fuss?"

Shazsilverwolf said...

Cats are so amusing with their little scams, aren't they?A few years ago, our ginger tom, Gonzo, hurt his paw. As you can imagine, he got treats, extra fuss & so on. I was a bit surprised he was still limping 3 or 4 weeks later though. Then one day he came in & didn't see me, obviously. Walked across the kitchen & into the dining room without any limp at all. Gonzo! I called- he stopped dead, lifted his 'bad' paw & started limping! Not a chance lad, I told him laughing. He did a very catlike shrug of his shoulders and carried on walking normally. I was almost crying with laughter at him. Hugs, Shaz xx

Alison said...

This made me smile Angie! I love hearing about the antics of your cats! xx

Carmen said...

This made me laugh. And guilty on account of a full tummy at dinner time eh? :D

Angela Coles said...

oh my!