Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ardross Farm Shop ...Elie

 If you don’t drive, some places seem impossible to get to…even when relatively close. One such place is The Ardross Farm Shop, Fife.
 When I asked the ‘WWW’ how to get there by public transport it merely said there was no information. I had a moan to myself and then contemplated the cost of a cab journey times two ….but was not sure it was really worth it as it was not going to be cheap. However, when I was talking to a friend about the problem, she laughed and said a bus did go past …all I had to do was ask to be dropped off. For an ex-Londoner it was a difficult concept to grasp …‘but how do I get back ?’ ….‘just stand out side and wave your arm when you see a bus’
 Well today I gave it a go …and dragged along Vicki for moral support ….DD declined as she hates shopping at a slow speed, which is of course essential when browsing the shelves of  a new retail establishment. Was it all worth it? ….oh yes it was …and will I be going back? ….oh yes I will.

When I reached the shop door I was met  by  these little chaps …I have to say that at first sight …and without my glasses…. I thought they were some real rare breed …lol

On entering through the door way we were met with what only could be described as a ‘Foodie Paradise’
Fresh vegetables …many pulled from the earth  just across the way …Smoked Garlic which would add that extra something to many a dish ….and the longest pinkest Rhubarb I had ever seen, caught my eye.
The selection of meat is second to none …and very local … many venison products too .The pickles and jams …the biscuits and oatcakes …the cakes and pies …. the vegetable crisps …. the fudges … (I HAD to buy the Lemon Meringue  one) …the pates …(I am trying the Stilton and Pear tonight)  …the list  of goodies is endless  but I must not forget the breads ….the smell of the  Cheese and Leek was to die for  (Two came home with us). 

Last but certainly not least …the service was fantastic ….it deserved a 12 out of 10 …friendly helpful informative  ….not pushy …but they were there when needed... Thankyou Ladies for some fantastic retail therapy.

Oh I nearly forgot …they do ice cream too …. and yes I  know it isn’t truly  Spring yet but we had to try some while waiting for the bus …this is  Vicki enjoying hers …I am sure the cars that passed thought we were a little mad.

I hope that everyone who lives in Fife makes the effort to drop by...its worth it ...but I do wish they had a little refreshment area, as a tea and a scone ...or one of the delicious looking cakes ...would go down well.

Take Care xx


Arkansas Patti said...

Sounds like a fascinating shop. Loved the feathered family in front.
I admire your daring trying public transportation. I have never done that and find it intimidating. I love my car.

Rian said...

Angie, it sounds like it turned into a great adventure! It's funny, but I guess technology has gotten to me, but I would have either 'googled' directions or used my GPS. But the store sounds wonderful. And I agree that a little corner for tea and refreshments is a wonderful idea.

weaverpat said...

Glad you made the trip and doubly glad you shared the experience with us.
The vegetable patch is producing now??? It must be way warmer there than it is here in the northeast US. We're getting snow today! I think I need to move...

Lunch Lady Jan said...

So glad you were able to get there! We have a lovely farm shop on the edge of our village, we're very lucky. The fudge sounds wicked!!! Hope you enjoyed it :)
Hugs, LLJ 32 xx

JoZart said...

It sounds a fabulous grown up adventure that I would love but I agree they need tea and cakes on tap too. I'd tell THEM! It could be the start of a new business.
Jo x

Anonymous said...

That is a great place, what a shame they don't have a tea room, that would make a brilliant day out.


Deb said...

looks like a lovely shop, well worth the effort to get there!

Alison said...

It definitely looks worth the extra effort Angie, those pics are making my mouth water!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Alison x

MaggieC said...

I may not get up t that shop in fife, rather a long journey from here. However, we do make a serious effort to do as much of our shopping as possible from similar places round here. Sadly, they all involve getting the car out to get there. Even our bus passes are no good, unless you are prepared to stay all day. We went to one yesterday, mainly because it was the only place to sell almost locally grown and milled bread flour. Even that flour came from another county away but it was the nearest that was possible. They could not supply tea and cakes either as the council had refused permission, even though it would have employed at least one more person and bring more people into the area. Enjoy your fresh veggies. xx Maggie