Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gentlemen of the road

Not only do we have twenty cats of our own but we have had three visitors over the last few years  too. We gave names to them so that we could talk to them properly....yes we are alttle mad.  Maybe one of ours has left a feline message on our gate,  to let those in distress  know that we are friendly humans ….like the tinkers of old used to. I know I have spoken about them before but some may not have read about them.

First was Strippey, who came to us badly hurt in a fight. It was amazing that he allowed Jay and Vicki to clean his wounds with no restraints and no sight of a claw. From his general condition we were not sure whether he had a home and called in the  SSPCA to help and to have him checked for a chip. We heard that his owner had picked him up and that his wounds were on the mend. A few weeks later he was back but I think it was just to say thank you. He still drops by now and then ….never wants anything to eat …just a few words and a stroke.

The next visitor, around the same time, was Marvin, who used to stay in our greenhouse for a couple of days at a time, regaining strength with a meal and some water before moving on. He visited on and off for a couple of years but sadly we have not seen him for about 2 years now …I think he was quite old though.

Lastly Alice …well we were not sure whether she was a she or a he ….but as the  face was pretty and her eyes soft,  Vicki went for a pretty name …..we later learnt that she was a he …but we kept the name ….well its good enough for  Mr Cooper !! 

Alice has not been around for several months so it was great to see hear him at the window …waiting for his helping of crunches. I have a theory about him ….I think he drops by when hunting is scarce in the snowy and frosty times…he’s been every day this week. Apparently all un-neutered males develop  broad jowls especially if they live in the wild. …originally we feared that the lumps were tumours when we found them on both Alice and Marvin ….but apparently its normal….I think it gives him a more masculine look.

 BTW …  the original definition of a Gentleman of the Road is  …. A "man of leisure" who spends his days rambling from one place to another, with a cheerful smile and a knapsack and stick over his shoulder, greeting people warmly and brightening up their lives ….fitting I feel
. ….nowadays …. sadly …. it means just a  vagrant or tramp.

Take Care xx


crafty cat corner said...

Funny you should mention about the broad faces, Daddy has a much wider face that his off spring.
He is coming a little closer and I noticed that it looks as though he is going grey, do black cats go grey??
We now think that when the hatch is open and it is quiet that he comes in the kitchen looking for food, I heard the hatach door swinging the other day went out into the kitchen and he was just going back out. No doubt he does this in more than one house. lol
Love to hear about your cats, and no you're not mad, you just love your cats.

Deb said...

If you are mad, Shozzy, you are in good company. That Alice is a gorgeous boy and I would love to care for him occasionally, too. Yes, the un-neutered males do have a large jowl. I notice it with the ferals that I feed. I can't get near them but I have been putting food down every night for a clowder of cats that live in the bush near an old ware-house. I see them once in awhile and wish I could do more for them, such as fix them, but our shelters are always full and they would most likely just be put down.
It is hard not to help them even a little when you know they are there and hungry especially during the winter. Deb

Deb said...

aaahh, love that Alice kept his name, he is a cutie! So good of you to care for any stray who happens by!

Emma said...

We name the visitors to our garden too! There's Bandit and Mr Ginger-and-white :)

Arkansas Patti said...

You are the second blogger to mention the occasional repeat visitor from a traveling cat. Those rascals really have it made. Complete freedom yet they know they always have a meal waiting somewhere if times get rough.
As soon as I saw Alice's picture I thought male.

Mary said...

What a lovely post. The animals are fortunate to find your place. I hope your weekis offto a good start. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks for the comment on Willow fetching the ball. I don't remember how this started, I suppose she must have picked it up and I threw it and it grew from there.

It can be a bit of a pain sometimes as she is obsessed with the game and is constantly bringing it to me to play. I often have to interupt what I am doing too throw it a few times.

It is laying here at my feet right now and she is doing her little chirrup to let me know that its there. Sounds idylic but believe me it can get a bit wearing. lol

Keep warm



Morning's Minion said...

I think the 'Toms' do have jowls! Of the strays that have visited here we know that most have come to a bad end as they journeyed over the road. In an ideal world, all cats would have homes as good as the ones you and I provide for our felines.