Friday, May 30, 2008

Value for money.............NOT!!!!!!!

One of the things I forgot to say about myself is that I’m addicted to bargains but they have to be things I actually need other wise they are not bargains. This starts with food shopping as a main priority and moves into the realms of all other commodities including scrapping. I also believe in value for money and that is probably even more important to me. For this reason I have to have a moan today.

When my daughter was purchasing an item for her crop I added a tin of Gelly gems. There was no dimensional information given but I assumed that the gems were of a moderate size, complementing the rest of my hoard, and that the tin would be full as £3.99 was far more than I usually spend. Yes I admit it … it was an impulse buy and I should know better.

Well they arrived this morning.. ..What a disappointment!!!!
Normally full price for a sheet of 72 round gem type things is 1.99 but if you look around it can drop to as low as £1.20.

Also if you are under the same illusion I was that they are Jelly, you would be wrong, they are hard plastic cabochon style gems…. Another disappointment!!!

The tin is tiny and the only gems in it are visible. Yes there are 72 and an assortment but I feel this Gel-A Tin is poor value for money and I have to say think before you buy.

Here is a photo comparing the tin with an SD card from my camera and a normal sheet of cabochon style epoxy gems.


jay670120 said...

at is small !!!!!!

~Danity Doll~ said...

yup i gotta admit you do not get alot in there - at least you'll know for future reference!!!! :D xx